If A Highly Successful Man Hasn’t Had A Girlfriend And He’s 32, Is That A Red Flag?

If A Highly Successful Man Hasn't Had A Girlfriend And He's 32, Is That A Red Flag?A highly successful man didn’t become highly successful without making sacrifices.

To be highly successful, he spent a lot of time working on his education and career.

This is a major sacrifice that the majority of people don’t make.

The majority of people don’t sacrifice this much time and effort to be successful.

As lazy human beings, we have a propensity to choose the path of least resistance as we go through life, doing the bare minimum to maintain a mediocre lifestyle.

This means that lots of human beings never reach their full potential because they rarely strive to be the best version of themselves.

This makes the lion’s share of people average.

This highly successful 32 year old man isn’t average.

He hasn’t been for a good long while.

He worked extremely hard through his school years to his professional years to get to the level of success he has today.

With this much time spent to be his best and attain success, it isn’t surprising that he hasn’t had a girlfriend.

He didn’t spend all that much time working on his romantic life as he was coming up.

He was more focused on working towards his future.

He never had all that much time to have a girlfriend.

This doesn’t mean that he has never had dalliances with women.

In 32 years of life, it’s likelier he has had some dalliances with women than not.

Those dalliances never went into long-term or serious relationships.

This has to do with the difficulty of being in a relationship with a guy who is so driven, he struggles to give his partner enough attention.

Lots of women struggle with dating a guy who doesn’t give them the attention they require in a relationship.

Keeping all of this in mind, avoid making too quick of a judgment about why a 32 year old man hasn’t had a girlfriend throughout his life.

Men are judged by the value they produce in the world as far as what they can tangibly contribute.

This is why there are men who work long hours to build their value.

A highly successful man has spent years of hard work building his value.

If you have spent your life around average men who chose the path of least resistance in their schooling and professional careers, you were never exposed to men who strive and are highly driven.

Men who choose the path of least resistance in terms of attaining success often have the time to pursue women and improve their social skills by so doing.

These are the men you are probably used to.

As a result, you are used to having past boyfriends who had experience with having girlfriends.

All of this being said, there is a potential red flag with this highly successful guy if he continues to have little room in his life for a girlfriend.

At some point, even a highly successful man has to make time for romance and slow down to a degree.

Without this, he would struggle to court a woman and build momentum with her.

Keep this in mind with this guy.

Be sure that he is absolutely ready to make the time to date and cultivate a relationship with a woman before thinking about letting him court you.