If A Girl Invites You Over To Watch A Show, Is It An Invitation To Have Sex?

If A Girl Invites You Over To Watch A Show, Is It An Invitation To Have Sex?She isn’t thinking that she intends to have sex with you, even if she innately wants it.

Her fear is in coming off as sexually loose.

To this end, she believes that she has offered you an innocent invitation to watch a show with her.

As far as she wants to believe, this is a friendly invite.

The idea that she has an ulterior motive to have sex with you while you are at her place is far too presumptuous for her to acknowledge.

She doesn’t want to put herself in that headspace.

The thing is, your headspace is on a totally different tangent.

You have been attracted to this girl for a while, and already know that you want to have sex with her.

To be honest, she knows too.

She isn’t stupid.

She is fully aware that you are attracted to her.

And being that you are a guy, she knows that sex isn’t far from your thoughts.

She has seen how you look at her in moments of conversation.

Even though you keep yourself from being to obvious with how much you are attracted to her, she has seen you look her up and down.

This is when you are checking her out.

When you have flirted with her in the past, she has taken note of that too.

She knows that you don’t flirt with every girl like you do with her.

The compliments you give her make her feel good, but she has disciplined herself in how she reacts to them.

She doesn’t trade compliments with you, believing that this keeps her from acting too aggressively in demonstrating an attraction towards you.

The fact that she is inviting you over to her place to watch a show is a big deal.

She doesn’t invite every guy she knows to come over to her place to watch a show.

This means that you are special.

Granted, all of this is predicated on her relationship with you thus far.

As long as she hasn’t put you in the friend zone, you have a shot at having sex with her at her place.

Are you in her friend zone?

You are in her friend zone when she is constantly using you as a shoulder to cry on whenever a guy she is dating breaks her heart.

She rarely flirts with you and would much rather hang out with you with friends along, than on a one on one basis.

When you are in her friend zone, she is far too open with showing you her quirks and idiosyncrasies, not fearing any judgment.

This is where she is freely picking her nose or farting around you.

As long as you haven’t experienced any of this, you aren’t in her friend zone.

In inviting you to watch a show with her on a one on one basis, she is showing that she feels a degree of safety with you.

For a girl to be attracted to a guy and want to have sex with him, she has to feel safe with him.

By having you come over to her place to watch a show with her person to person, she will be testing just how safe she feels with you.

Now that you know this, do everything in your power to avoid getting too excited around her and getting ahead of yourself.

If you make a sexual move on her too soon, you run a risk of destroying all the goodwill you have so far established with her that has led to her feeling safe around you.

Remember, she doesn’t want to concede that she is intent on having sex.

Not to herself.

She wants to believe that this is an innocent hangout.

Notwithstanding, should the right energy be present, and you don’t mess up by acting too quickly, she is going to be open to the idea of having sex when the time is right.

All you have to do is be respectful of her without preemptively making any aggressive moves with an intention to have sex.

The safer she feels around you as the night wears on, the more she convinces herself that she wants to have sex with you.

Once she makes this conclusion, her body language towards you is going to leave no doubt that she is ready to have sex with you.