I Think I Have Found The Perfect Guy, And I Don’t Want To Ruin It By Coming On Too Strong Or Being Weird In Any Way

I Think I Have Found The Perfect Guy, And I Don't Want To Ruin It By Coming On Too Strong Or Being Weird In Any WayAlthough you think you have found the perfect guy, it is far too early to get caught up on what could be.

Realistically, you don’t know this guy well enough to determine whether he is the right guy for you.

I know you are excited right now.

It makes sense.

It’s been a while since you have met a guy like this, and you are beside yourself with excitement.

Indeed, it’s possible that none of the guys you have dated in the past were this emotionally impactful on you.

You are already getting lost in your head in regards to what a life with this guy would be like, and that is where you are failing.

No matter how perfect this guy is to you at the moment, it is far too early to draw the conclusion that he is the perfect guy for you.

Given that you don’t want to ruin anything with him thus far, you are already demonstrating that you are putting him on a pedestal.

This is a pedestal that he doesn’t deserve when it is this early in the courtship process.

Instead of worrying about coming on too strong or being weird in any way, focus on getting to know him better as a person.

It has only been a few dates.

You need more time to get to know him so that you can further confirm that he is actually who he is portraying himself to be.

A person can be deceiving in the early stages of dating.

He puts on a persona that he thinks a girl would like.

He is charming and kind.

He makes her laugh.

He compliments her.

He acts like he loves her hobbies and interests.

The truth is, you don’t know whether he is being true to who he is until you have gone out with him long enough for you to see whether there are chinks in his armor.

A guy that is putting on a front as far as who he is presenting himself to be to you is bound to show his true colors as courtship progresses.

It’s extremely difficult to maintain a false front as time wears on.

As long as you are observant, you are sure to see contradictions in him.

This is where he isn’t being consistent in what he is saying.

In one conversation, he tells you one thing.

Then, a few conversations later, he is contradicting what he said earlier.

This is a massive sign that he has been lying to you.

Additionally, you ask him a follow-up question on something he said in an earlier conversation, and he is struggling to remember the details of what that was.

Yet another sign that he is misrepresenting himself and lying to you.

Do not ignore these signs.

These are strong indicators that he isn’t the perfect guy you have been thinking he is.

In a perfect world, I want this guy to be true.

I want him to be true to who he has been showing himself to be.

I want that for you.

This being said, never let your emotions and desires get the best of you in these situations.

He isn’t the perfect guy until he stands the test of time.

To protect yourself, be patient.

Let him prove to you over time that he is who he is presenting himself to be.