I Texted Him With A “Thank You” After The First Date. He Said, “I Had A Good Time. I Will See You Around.” Does That Mean There’s No Second Date?

I Texted Him With A "Thank You" After The First Date. He Said, "I Had A Good Time. I Will See You Around." Does That Mean There's No Second Date?A second date is unlikely.

This doesn’t mean that he wasn’t into you.

Look back to how the first date went.

Was he energized?

Did he ask you questions that were well-thought-out and conducive to a healthy conversation?

Did he relate to what you had to say in your responses?

Was he flirting?

His body language is paramount.

Was he physically close to you during the first date?

Did he lean into you?

Did he touch you from time to time as he talked to you?

These were signals that he was into you.

In saying, “I had a good time. I will see you around,” he is indicating disappointment in you not matching his energy.

In a context where you didn’t respond to his romantic body language and energy, he was left thinking that you weren’t into him.

Were you responsive to his body language on the first date?

Did you mimic him?

Did you flirt back?

Did you give him a compliment soon after he gave you one?

Did you play along when he was teasing you?

Responsiveness is critical.

Being that guys are the ones who initiate everything in the early stages of dating, they are putting themselves out there.

He is the one taking the risk.

When he flirts or uses his body language to express interest, he wants a vivacious response from the girl.

He is the one risking rejection.

When he doesn’t get a response from the girl, or gets a lukewarm response, he gets discouraged about whether she is into him.

Be sincere with yourself as you look back on the first date.

Were you responsive to him?

The fact that he went out on a first date with you in the first place is a potent sign that he was attracted to you.

This is predicated on how you met him though.

If you met him online and this first date is the first time you have met him in person, there are caveats.

One of those have to do with your appearance.

If he didn’t think that the pictures you have posted online matched what you look like in real life, he would be disappointed.

He didn’t tell you this, wanting to be polite.

Nevertheless, he was disappointed.

This means that his body language wasn’t all that romantic.

He practically went through the motions.

He kept conversation going, but it was uninspired.

Facetious, surface-level questions that weren’t engineered to get substantive insight into who you are as a person.

The truth is, in a synopsis like this, he wanted to get out of there.

But, he chose to be a gentleman.

He bit his tongue, even though he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs at how you appeared in person, in comparison to your online pictures.

Did you meet this guy online?

Are your online pictures representative of how you appear in real life?

If not, there is not going to be a second date.