I Said I Needed Some Space And He Got Mad, Even Though I Was Friendly About It

I Said I Needed Some Space And He Got Mad, Even Though I Was Friendly About ItHe wasn’t happy about your desire for some space.

By now, he has gotten used to getting your attention and personal energy.

In needing space, he sees it as a rejection of him, and is taking what you said personally.

He doesn’t see it how you see it.

Even though you were friendly about it, he doesn’t care about that.

All he cares about is the fact that you have told him that you need some space and how that has affected him emotionally.

Unfortunately, he believes that you have been leading him on.

Based on this, he is assuming that the entire time that he has been talking to you has been a sham.

Right now, he is completely blinded by his emotions, and isn’t thinking about where you are coming from in all of this.

Rather, he is selfishly caught up in his own feelings.

Although he is currently mad at you, this period is an opportunity for you to ask yourself about what you are looking for.

Were you ever certain about what you wanted out of this?

Do you know whether you are emotionally available?

Are you even looking for a relationship?

It’s likely that the two of you never had the same intentions aligned when you commenced talking to each other.

He came into it thinking that you were both aligned, and you came into uncertain of what you wanted.

Sadly, as individuals, you were in it for completely different reasons.

You assumed that he wanted what you wanted, even though you weren’t certain of what that was.

He assumed that you wanted what he wanted, whatever that was.

In this vain, the two of you continued to converse under an erroneous assumption that you were both looking for the same thing.

Apparently, this is what has led to this conflict.

In believing that you wanted what he wanted out of this, he was blindsided when you told him that you needed some space.

This was hurtful to him, leading him to think that you have been misleading him this whole time.

It’s no wonder that he got mad, even though you were friendly about telling him that you need some space.

He felt that he had been led astray.

This was never your motivation, which is why all of this comes down to an unfortunate blunder in misconstruing what you were both in this for.

Either, you never knew what that was exactly, or you thought you would figure it out as you got to know him.

Finally, you concluded that you need some space.

Ask yourself why you want this space?

Is it to figure out where you are emotionally and what you want?

This is the right approach.

Instead of getting caught up on the fact that he is mad at you, take this time to figure out where you stand.

Guys don’t stay mad for long.

Once his anger tapers off in a day or two, he is going to attempt to communicate with you.

If you have done the work in figuring yourself out during this time, you are at a better place to carefully explain your reasoning for requesting some space.

At that moment, he will no longer be compromised by his feelings, and would have a more receptive approach to what you have to say.

This tempers the rocky waters, giving each of you clarity.