I No Longer Desire To Date And Don’t See The Benefit In It Anymore

I No Longer Desire To Date And Don't See The Benefit In It AnymoreWhen you no longer have a desire to date, it has to do with past trauma in relationships.

Think back to relationships you have had in the past.

How were they?

Do you believe that you were abused mentally, even physically?

It is that much worse when you went into these relationships with a good and open heart.

You gave of yourself, unselfish to a fault, and ended up being used and abused.

After a history of these failed relationships, you have lost hope in dating altogether.

The men that you have dated in the past have been a disappointment to you, which has led to you no longer having a desire to date nor seeing the benefit in it anymore.

Putting yourself through the grief of dating, when you are enjoying a life as a single woman, isn’t palatable to you.

You have wonderful girlfriends in your life and a loving family.

Furthermore, you have great hobbies and interests.

A great career too.

The thought of letting yet another man into your life, exposing yourself to being mentally or physically abused, isn’t welcome.

So far, there have been multiple upsides to being single.

The quality of your life has improved and you don’t want to take a risk on dating again.

Your girlfriends, family, interests, hobbies and career keep you busy.

There is an enrichment in your life that you didn’t have when you were dating.

Whenever you look back on your life in dating, not only has there been abuse, but there has been so much sacrifice.

You have put the needs of your previous partners first.

It gave you pleasure to do it at first.

Until, these men took advantage of your love and kindness.

You don’t want to make this sacrifice again, believing that no man is worth this amount of sacrifice.

I get all that.

No longer having the desire to date makes sense when you have given so much of yourself and gotten so little in return.

This being said, if all of your relationships have ended up with you getting abused and being taken advantage of, consider the men you are attracted to.

When every guy you date ends up being a jerk, an extended moment of reflection is in order.

Do these men have similar personality traits?

I wager they do.

Have you ever thought that your taste in men has led to you no longer having a desire to date?

Think through this carefully.

There was a reason why you voluntarily chose to put yourself out there and date.

You wanted companionship.

Unfortunately, each relationship was fraught with abuse.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that you wanted a partner.

A series of poor choices in the men you chose to date shouldn’t rob you of your desire to find a partner.

Think about dating a different caliber of man with different personality traits.

Do this first before choosing to no longer date.

A different caliber of man has a potential to give you a much better experience than what you had with the previous men you dated.

In which case, you get to see the benefit in dating once again.