I Like Him So Much, But He Only Wants To Sleep With Me

I Like Him So Much, But He Only Wants To Sleep With MeClearly, you want more out of your relationship with him.

Notwithstanding, it’s far too dangerous to think that his behavior is going to change.

And unfortunately, being that you like him so much, you have set yourself up to be a victim to your emotions.

It’s uncanny what a compromised mind is capable of.

A mind that likes a guy so much, it borders on obsession.

You want him so badly to like you too.

In this vain, you do whatever you believe it takes to get him to like you.

This is the main reason why you are letting him sleep with you.

You are hoping that in giving him what he wants in sleeping with you, he gets to like you.

And in liking you, he gives you more of the attention that you crave.

You crave more affection, reassurance, phone calls, text messages and dates.

All of these are deficient in the relationship you have with him.

Instead, the few times you get to see him, he wants to sleep with you.

He is amazing in bed, but that isn’t enough.

You want more.

This has you wondering about what to do.

To start with, you have to stop thinking that by sleeping with him, you are going to get him to like you.

Women often get this wrong about guys.

Far too many think that in sleeping with the guy, he is going to like them and give them more attention.

This isn’t likely.

As long as the guy only sees you as someone he wants to have a casual relationship with, that doesn’t change as you keep sleeping with him.

If anything, by sleeping with him, you are making him believe that he doesn’t have to do much else.

After all, you are already giving him what he wants.

Unlike women, guys are far more biologically equipped to compartmentalize when it comes to sex.

He is capable of turning off the emotional component to his personality, solely focusing on the part that is intent on physical pleasure.

With each act of sex, he keeps the emotional component of his personality sealed off while the part intent on physical pleasure remains open.

Women find it much harder to do this.

Each time they have sex with a guy, the emotional component is further compromised.

It causes her to develop an emotional attachment to the guy.

This is where you are at right now.

As you keep sleeping with him, you develop stronger feelings for him.

This puts you at a disadvantage.

When you are emotionally compromised, you struggle to see what is really going on.

You want so badly for him to like you that you stay in this mental fairyland, dreaming of the day he asks you out on a proper date or calls you and talks to you for hours.

In reality, none of this is going to happen.

He compartmentalizes the sex he has with you, which means he won’t develop feelings for you, no matter how often you sleep with him.

You are better off letting him go.

The longer you stay, the more emotionally compromised you become.

This sets you up for nothing but heartbreak for the foreseeable future.