I Have Been Single For Years And I Don’t Feel Attracted To Anyone. Why?

I Have Been Single For Years And I Don't Feel Attracted To Anyone. Why?The last relationship you were in left you emotionally devastated when it ended.

You have never quite gotten over it.

Although you believe that you have moved on, you haven’t.

There are moments that you are reminded of him and you get lost in those memories.

These moments of reflection are quickly followed up by regret, as you know that you permitted yourself to get lost in your thoughts about him.

To make matters worse, you haven’t stopped checking to see what he is doing on social media.

Every time he has a new girlfriend, you get physically sick, wanting to retch.

He is the reason why you have been single for years, though you don’t want to admit it.

You never had proper closure with him.

Being that you are attracted to the same physical features in a guy, it has been hard for you to give new guys who show romantic interest in you a chance.

They are all copies of the real thing.

As a result, they can’t compare to your ex.

This leaves you feeling as though you don’t feel attracted to anyone.

Whenever you give a guy with a different type of physical appearance a chance, it doesn’t go far.

You are forcing yourself to feel an attraction for the guy that isn’t there.

You have a type, and no matter how much you have attempted to branch out from that type, it has failed.

Sadly, you end up going out on a number of dates with the guy, hoping that you eventually develop a physical attraction for him, but it never happens.

You end up wasting the poor guy’s time and your own.

As long as you don’t completely close the door on your last relationship, you won’t be free of your ex.

His powerful influence on your life is sure to remain present.

It’s time to let your ex go.

Unfortunately, he won’t give you the closure you desire.

He is long gone.

You have to give yourself closure.

Begin by completely avoiding his social media.

Do not look at what he is doing in his life or who he is dating.

This keeps you from getting emotionally distraught, as you jealously compare your life to his, or a girlfriend he is currently dating to yourself.

Comparison is the devil.

It keeps you completely emotionally locked on someone, making you feel bad about yourself.

Furthermore, eschew going to places that you went to with him as his girlfriend.

This keeps you from being reminded of him.

Finally, forgive yourself, and forgive him.

Yes, forgive yourself for wherever you went wrong in the relationship, and forgive him for the same reason.

This is what keeps you from hanging on to those long gone memories, and this gives you closure.

Once you have closure, your mind has been freed.

Instead of constantly seeing your ex in every guy you date that physically resembles him, you see each guy as his own person.

Once this happens, you are ready to develop an attraction for him, and your ex’s negative influence on you is absolutely nowhere to be felt.