I Cheated On My Long Distance Boyfriend And I Regret It So Much

I Cheated On My Long Distance Boyfriend And I Regret It So MuchA long distance relationship is a challenge to maintain.

So far, you thought that you had a great relationship with your long distance boyfriend.

That was until you cheated on him.

Now you don’t know what to think.

You continue to love and care for him, which is the reason why you regret cheating on him so much, as you struggle to think about anything else.

Since cheating on him, you have struggled to go to sleep at night.

Wherever you go, you carry the guilt like an anvil around your neck.

Anytime you talk to him on the phone or via video chat, you put on a brave face, acting as though everything is perfectly fine.

He doesn’t know that you recently cheated on him.

He is oblivious to your infidelity.

You know he loves you, and to see him be so happy to chat with you, makes you feel so much worse for having cheated on him behind his back.

Know this.

You aren’t the first person that has cheated on their long distance partner.

The longer a relationship is long distance, the likelier someone cheats.

Human beings require physical contact with each other.

We are social creatures.

When you are in a long distance relationship with someone, you are missing out on the physical aspects of what makes a romantic relationship viable.

In the beginning of the relationship, you thought that you could handle the long distance.

This is what happens when two people are consumed with their emotions for each other.

You were so excited about each other, the idea of a long distance relationship wasn’t thoroughly thought through.

As human beings, you got caught up in how good you made each other feel and believed this was enough.

Alas, you have realized that it isn’t.

In cheating on your long distance boyfriend, you have all but confirmed that.

The reality of what it means to have a long distance relationship with someone over an extended period of time has hit home.

Prior to cheating on him, you spent lots of lonely nights wishing that he was lying next to you.

You went to lots of events with friends, wishing he was standing next to you arm in arm as your date.

On top of that, constantly seeing couples in public who were happily going about their business made you feel that much worse that your partner was a ton of miles away from you.

As you went through all of this, you weren’t conscious of how deeply it was affecting you.

Instead of dwelling on it for too long, you would contact him with an intent to hear his voice so as to get a degree of reassurance of his love for you.

After these conversations, you made yourself believe that all was well.

But, it wasn’t.

Deep within, you were being profoundly affected by the physical absence of your long distance boyfriend.

Those emotions finally came to bear when you chose to cheat on your long distance boyfriend.

What do you do now?

Telling your long distance boyfriend about what you did would go a long way in alleviating the guilt that you feel about cheating on him.

Being that he loves you, he is likely going to forgive you.

Nevertheless, consider the prudence of continuing to stay in a long distance relationship.

In cheating, you have already demonstrated that you are struggling with the distance.

None of this goes away if you confess that you cheated and he forgives you.

The long distance issue persists.

This means that if you choose to stay with your long distance boyfriend, you are bound to cheat on him again.