How To Text Him First, After Not Talking To Each Other For 2 Months

How To Text Him First, After Not Talking To Each Other For 2 MonthsSpending 2 months without talking to each other has felt like an eternity to you.

You never wanted to reach a point where you were no longer talking to each other.

Naturally, being that you care about him, you were hoping that he would text you.

You waited by the phone for a while.

But, eventually, you realized that he wasn’t going to call and gave up on the idea.

It’s been 2 months and the desire to hear from him has suddenly overwhelmed you.

You have been unable to keep him from your mind for any stretch of time.

Recalling the best memories you shared with him dominates your thoughts throughout the day.

This belies the notion that you have been holding onto for these months, that you were finally over him.

You even tried talking to new guys and going out on dates with them.

But nothing came close to what you experienced with this guy.

You are constantly reminded of him when you go to places that were mentioned in conversations you had with him or that you visited with him.

As much as you have strived to ignore the overwhelming desire you have to text him, you have failed.

It’s been 2 months and you know that you want to break the silence by texting him first.

So, how do you do it?

When you text him first, you mustn’t get caught up on trying to impress him.

This is where you are writing far too much text, getting too carried away with the idea of getting him to be enthralled by your text message.

Conversely, you shouldn’t write too short of a text message either.

This is far too lazy, leaving him with the impression that you just got out of bed and decided to send him a text all groggy-eyed.

Somewhere in-between is the better measure.

A text message that isn’t too long and isn’t too short.

This gives off the impression that you were levelheaded when you wrote the text message, which makes you come off as in control of your emotions.

This is a good first impression.

It’s been 2 months and you have no idea what he has been up to.

It would be a mistake to send him a text inquiring about what he has been up to for the last 2 months.

If he hasn’t been at a good place in the last 2 months, sending him a text message inquiring about how he has been these last 2 months causes him to remember all the negative ordeals he has been going through.

This instantly puts him in a negative headspace, which is a bad start with a first message.

In lieu of this, set your mind to sending a text message that makes him laugh and entertains him.

This is when you are reminding him of something funny that occurred in a past that you shared with him.

A time before he stopped communicating with you.

You were present and alongside him when this incident occurred.

By drawing his attention to a fun event that occurred in the past, while you were engaged in an activity together or hanging out, it takes his mind back to that time.

You have kept him from thinking about anything negative about your time with him.

Instead, you have drawn his attention to a fun and humorous incident that transpired while you were a part of his life.

Not only does this put his mind in a happy place and a smile on his face, it automatically connects you to a positive incident that occurred in his life.

By so doing, he is motivated to respond to your first text to him in 2 months.