How To Tell A Person Has No Interest In You Anymore

How To Tell A Person Has No Interest In You AnymoreHe isn’t as consistent in how he communicates with you.

As someone who has no interest in you anymore, he doesn’t call or text you as much.

When he does, he doesn’t care about having substantive conversations with you.

The conversations become far more superficial in nature, and he doesn’t ask follow-up questions like he once did.

Rather, he has conversations that aren’t designed to go anywhere besides a dead-end.

Even when you attempt to have a substantive conversation with him, he isn’t answering your questions wholeheartedly, and quickly changes the topic before it has had a chance to develop.

When a person has no interest in you anymore, the energy changes.

In the past, he was full of palpable energy whenever you were around him.

But now, his energy is minimal.

He isn’t as animated.

He doesn’t smile at you like he once did.

While with you, not only is his energy low but he doesn’t want to hang out for long.

Sadly, he keeps finding an excuse to end a hangout or date with you early.

On top of this, you are the one who keeps asking about when next you will see him again in person.

He makes vague suggestions on when next he wants to see you, but he isn’t reliable in following through with them.

All of a sudden, you are the one who is continuously having to ask him about when next you will get to see him.

This wasn’t how it was in the early days of dating him.

Back then, he was constantly making plans to meet you on dates in person.

He wanted to hang out with you frequently.

His energy level was off the charts when he hung out with you and it was clear that he couldn’t wait to see you again.

Not so now.

You would be lucky to get him to reply to a text message or phone call in less than 24 hours, let alone get him to take you out on dates the way he used to.

A person that has no interest in you anymore is constantly flaking on dates.

Not only have the number of dates drastically reduced in number, but he is flaking on them when he does agree to them.

There have been several moments where you have gotten frustrated about him canceling on a date with you, or not showing up at it at all.

Furthermore, he is no longer following your stories on social media like he once did.

There was a time that he would look at every single new post you made on social media, like a voracious dog.

He wanted to consume everything you would post and was the first one to view your posts.

Now, he is barely checking out your social media posts.

He is no longer the first one to look at a new post on your social media.

It takes him a while to look at it, if he looks at it at all that day.

This is a person that has no interest in you anymore.