How To Get Over A Guy Who Made You Feel Less Than And Rejected You?

How To Get Over A Guy Who Made You Feel Less Than And Rejected You?You have feelings for this guy.

This disempowers you, blocking your common sense in the process.

You are feeling less than due to this disempowerment.

Having developed feelings for him, you have made yourself a prisoner to your emotions.

He is the source of feel-good emotions.

Like an addict, you got used to these feel-good emotions.

Since he rejected you, the source of your feel-good emotions has been extinguished.

His presence is absent.

His compliments are no longer forthcoming, nor are his affectionate hugs or heartwarming smiles.

Once he rejected you, leaving you heartbroken and abandoned, you have been starved of the feel-good emotions.

Think of yourself as a battery that has been used up and depleted of energy, its charger nowhere to be found.

This is you.

Your energy levels are dangerously low, making you that much more vulnerable to the negative effects of his absence.

To get over this guy, you have to take the power back.

All this time, you have put full control of your emotional sustenance on him.

That is far too much.

This is why the moment he rejected you felt like being hit by a semi truck.

Since then, you have taken his cruelty towards you very personally, which has led to you feeling less than.

The root cause of your suffering is in how much power you gave this guy.

He knows that you gave him all this power.

Unfortunately, it is human nature to abuse one’s power.

That is what he has done with you.

Being that you made him drunk with power, he chose to go the extra mile after rejecting you.

He has used unkind words that left you devastated, feeling less than.

This is what someone does when they know that they have been given an excessive amount of power.

To get over this guy, take back the power.

You take back the power by living a full life.

Instead of moping around sad and depressed, get out into the world and have an active lifestyle.

Start new hobbies and find new interests.


Expand your circle of friends by exposing yourself to people of different backgrounds and talents.

Doing all of this enriches your life, and better, they provide a distraction.

Instead of spending so much time crying and waiting for him to come back into your life, or apologize for how badly he has treated you since he rejected you, apply that time towards making your life full and exciting.

Once you have done this for a few weeks, you are going to realize that you haven’t thought about your ex all that much, if at all.

Your life is exciting.

There is a full roster of activities that you have planned out on a weekly basis.

An upcoming weekend has you looking forward to going hiking with a new group of friends that you recently met.

Once you are at this stage, you have taken the power back.

The guy that made you feel less than has no more power over you and is no longer a factor in how you define your value.

Thankfully, you have gotten over him.