How To Get His Attention Back, Now That He Isn’t Texting Or Calling Me As Much As He Used To?

How To Get His Attention Back, Now That He Isn't Texting Or Calling Me As Much As He Used To?Losing his attention was predictable.

He got bored with the conversations he was having with you.

As a result, he chose to stop texting or calling you as much.

This isn’t uncommon.

People are prone to sticking with the same old topics of conversation, as it is so much easier to do this than having to come up with a different topic of conversation.

By rehashing the same old topics, a conversation is starved of its vibrancy.

Whenever he texted or called you, you were sticking to the same old topics.

Whenever he introduced a new topic to a conversation, you didn’t reciprocate by introducing a new topic of your own to the conversation.

He endured this for a while.

Being that his attraction for you was still a factor, he remained interested.

Nonetheless, that attraction only stays alive for so long.

It needs to be fed.

Stimulating conversation is what feeds it.

Stimulating conversation that is filled with new information.

He got tired of being the one who kept introducing new topics in the conversations.

With his attraction for you not being fed, his interest waned.

This was inevitable.

The thought of texting or calling you was no longer as exhilarating as it once was.

In his mind, he played out how the hypothetical conversation would go.

He introduces a new topic and you respond.

A back and forth conversation ensues until the topic dies.

You don’t make an attempt to introduce a new topic of your own to keep the conversation vibrant and alive.

Conversation peters out.

With this scenario of a hypothetical conversation with you reverberating in his mind, he takes a few seconds to ask himself whether he wants to get into yet another dead-end conversation with you.

He chooses to text or call a friend instead or play a video game.

It is no longer that interesting to chat with you, and he is tired of introducing new topics on his own, and having to keep a conversation going, with no reciprocation from you.

Now that you have lost his attention, you are craving to get it back.

You took him for granted, as you got used to his text messages and phone calls.

It was effortless, given that you weren’t the one directing conversation or keeping it going.

Regrettably, you put all of the onus on him with these conversations, and without proactive reciprocation.

All you did was respond to what he asked or stated.

He got tired of this.

As a consequence, his mindset has changed.

He attributes thoughts of you with boredom.

You have to change that mindset.

When he thinks of you, he has to be instantly stimulated and exhilarated.

To do this, get innovative in your personal life.

Get involved in exciting activities and post the images of you participating in these activities on your social media.

Although he isn’t texting or calling you as he once did, he does check your social media.

There remains a curiosity about what you are doing in your life, and your social media is his doorway to this information.

Being that guys are more mentally stimulated by the images they see as opposed to the words they read, take advantage of this by posting exciting pictures of what you are doing in your life on your social media.

These photos have a greater effect when you are participating in activities that you know he is into.

For example, in a past conversation, he mentioned how much he loves the beach.

That’s your cue.

Head off to the beach with your girlfriends and have a great time.

Take photos of the occasion and post them to your social media.

The next time he is lurking on your social media, he is instantly captivated and mentally stimulated by the photos you have posted to your social media.

Remember, guys are more stimulated by what they see over what they read.

Keep using this strategy with your social media pictures for the next few weeks.

With this much excitement in your life being displayed on your social media, the temptation to text or call you will be irresistible.

Once this happens, you have gotten his attention back.