How To Be Faithful To Your Girlfriend And Maintain A Healthy Relationship

How To Be Faithful To Your Girlfriend And Maintain A Healthy RelationshipBeing faithful to your girlfriend is critical in any healthy relationship.

If you have a history of being unfaithful to your previous girlfriends, there is an innate problem within you that requires fixing.

When you are prone to cheating, it doesn’t matter how good of a girlfriend you have.

You are sure to cheat again.

Regardless of how kind she is to you, how loyal she is, or how much she pleases you in the bedroom, you are bound to cheat again.

This is why you have to stop and examine yourself first.

What has caused you to cheat on several of your ex-girlfriends?

Look back to your childhood.

A childhood living with parents who were unfaithful to each other can have a profound effect on you as an adult.

Your parents weren’t good examples to you as a child.

Their unfaithfulness to each other rubbed off on you.

And now, as an adult you have struggled to be faithful to your girlfriends of the past.

Having a history of cheating on your girlfriends isn’t always about a childhood where you were influenced by parents who were unfaithful to each other.

A history of cheating can happen when you are fearful about getting cheated on.

A girlfriend that you loved and adored was unfaithful to you and broke your heart.

The heartbreak was so intense, you developed a defense mechanism.

A defense mechanism that compels you to cheat before any future girlfriend you have does.

With this mindset, you believe that you are never getting blindsided again.

To this effect, you are quick to judge behavior from her that you deem suspicious, and use that as an excuse to cheat on her.

For example, she follows someone on social media who so happens to be a guy and you instantly assume that she is about to cheat on you with him.

Some time later, she is at home with you and leaves to talk to someone in a different room, returning more than an hour later looking flustered.

There is an instant assumption that she must have been talking to the guy that she followed on social media and is about to cheat on you.

Using whatever excuse you require, you give yourself permission to cheat on her with someone else.

You justify the cheating by telling yourself that she was about to cheat on you anyway, and you were better off cheating on her first.

Having a history of cheating on your previous girlfriends is a strong indication that the issues lie with you.

You have to do the work on yourself first, so as to overcome this pattern of behavior.

This is where you work on your insecurities by building strong relationships with the people in your life.

This facilitates in getting you to trust people, which leads to you trusting yourself.

In addition to this, practicing mindfulness meditation gives you awareness.

As a consequence, whenever you are tempted to conclude that someone is cheating on you based on facetious evidence, you stop yourself.