How Old Is Too Old To Be A Sidepiece Of Someone You Are Casually Dating?

How Old Is Too Old To Be A Sidepiece Of Someone You Are Casually Dating?The woman’s intention is critical.

A woman with an intention to get into a committed relationship, who stays in a casual relationship as a sidepiece or side chick for over a year, is misguided.

Each day, month or year she stays in this casual relationship after the first year, is a day, month or year too long.

Initially, she entered a casual relationship with him without that much of an intent to be exclusive or have a long-term relationship.

In this vain, she thought she would be fine.

She went out on the dates with him without having an end goal in mind.

She knew that she was open to a casual relationship, and consequently, she fell into that lifestyle.

Nevertheless, somewhere along the line, she developed feelings for the guy.

Disgruntled by this reality, she didn’t want to accept that she had developed feelings for him.

Consequently, she kept up with appearances, having casual fun with him without any end goal.

As time progressed, her feelings for him intensified.

Unbeknownst to her, she led herself into becoming a sidepiece or side chick.

Knowing that she wants more than to satiate her lascivious desires with him, she struggles to figure out how to express to him that she has fallen for him.

He seems to be perfectly happy having this casual relationship with her, without having to put a label on said relationship.

She is frightened about the prospect of bringing up the fact that she has fallen for him and wants more than casual dating.

The fear of losing him is formidable.

He has never shown her strong signs that he wants more than what he already has with her.

Instead of talking to him about taking the relationship to the next level, she stays quiet about it.

She is hoping that in time he is going to tell her that he wants to be in a committed relationship with her.

Meanwhile, with each week, month or year that passes, she falls deeper and deeper in love with him.

Outside of him, she has had a difficult time letting any other guy woo her.

Every time she has gone out on dates with these guys, with an intention to find a committed relationship, she has inevitably compared them to the guy she has fallen for.

None of them compare.

They have deficiencies that make her dissatisfied.

Unfortunately, she is incapable of opening herself up to these guys emotionally.

They never stood a chance.

She honkers down on the guy she has fallen for.

She doesn’t want to believe that she is doomed to be a sidepiece forever.

She wants to believe that he eventually comes around to wanting to pursue a committed relationship with her.

But, as the months and years go by, he never commits.

All of a sudden, she is middle-aged, with nothing to show for the years that she has given to this man.

It is too old to be a sidepiece to someone when you have been waiting for more than a year for that person to commit to you.

A year is more than enough time for a man to know whether you are a woman that he wants to commit to.

A woman who wants commitment should never let a casual relationship with a man go beyond a year before putting the brakes on it.

If you let it go beyond a year, you run a risk of becoming emotionally invested in him to such an extent, you end up being that middle-aged woman.

In this pitiful scenario, you have wasted the best years of your youth waiting on this man, and ended up with nothing.