How Normal Is It For Every Woman You’ve Been Romantically Involved With To Go Scorched Earth On You After Parting Ways?

How Normal Is It For Every Woman You've Been Romantically Involved With To Go Scorched Earth On You After Parting Ways?These are women who are still emotionally attached to you.

When they go scorched earth on you after parting ways, they are acting out of emotion.

She never wanted to be broken up with.

She never wanted the relationship with you to end.

When it did, she was dumbfounded.

She didn’t believe it was fair.

After all, she had given you all of her heart and you ended up breaking up with her.

With this as a preface, she is bound to be upset.

Some women are better at controlling their emotions upon parting ways with a guy they cared about than others.

The women who are better at controlling their emotions often turn to their hobbies, interests and friends as a distraction.

Though hurt, they tap into their inner strength to help them overcome the pain of being broken up with and having to part ways with a guy they love or care about.

Then, there are women who have no control over their emotions.

They don’t have the hobbies, interests or friends to turn to as a distraction.

They aren’t internally equipped to handle such an emotional blow.

Without this type of fortitude as something to fall back on, they rage.

You are the source of their discontent.

This was a woman who placed all of her emotional dependency on you and you have now cast her aside, parting ways with her as though she has no value.

This is what she is thinking.

She doesn’t like it.

There is nowhere to go but to unleash on the source of her discontent.


This is why she goes scorched earth on you after you part ways with her.

She has to punish the person that has caused her such grief.

Although you want to be friendly with these women, they are incapable of forgetting the fact that you parted ways with them.

It’s not something that she can sweep under the rug as though nothing happened.

That is why she becomes hostile with you whenever you so happen to see her or attempt to chat with her after the fact.

Your presence is a reminder that she was abandoned and cast aside when she had given all of herself to you.

Seeing you triggers all these emotions.

It’s like she becomes possessed, reacting with hostility towards you.

Trying to have a conversation with her is like walking through a minefield in a war zone.

No matter how polite you are, it doesn’t matter.

The politeness never works.

You are getting angry looks from her, and she is doing everything in her power to make you out to be the bad guy in any conversation you have with her.

This is inevitable with women who place so much of their emotional dependency on a guy they are dating.

As aforementioned, these are women who don’t have outlets.

Once they develop feelings for a guy, they are all-in with their emotions.

There are no viable sources for her to get her emotional fulfillment besides that which is provided by the guy.

This means that if you end your relationship with her, she is going scorched earth on you whenever you socialize with her in the future.

To avoid this, date women who aren’t wholly dependent on a guy they are dating for their emotional fulfillment.