How Much Is The Average Amount Spent By A Guy When He Takes A Girl Out On A Date?

How Much Is The Average Amount Spent By A Guy When He Takes A Girl Out On A Date?On average, a guy spends between $50 to $100 on a girl that he takes out on a date.

The amount goes up as he goes on further dates with her.

This has much to do with the level of interest and trust he has in her growing that much more with each consequent date.

With each consequent date, the burden of performance increases as the stakes become palpable and he wants to impress her that much more.

Before he gets to this stage, he is cautious in how much he spends.

Even though he is attracted to her, he doesn’t know whether they will get along.

He isn’t confident that they are going to connect.

Dating is a numbers game.

He has no idea that the girl he is about to take out on a date is the right one for him.

To this end, he is cautious in how much he spends, especially on the first date.

This is smart.

He works hard for his money.

To spend too much money on someone that ends up not connecting with him is a waste.

Traditionally, guys are expected to pay for the first few dates while courting a girl.

He knows this.

He has chosen to take the girl out, which means that he is game to take on the risk.

Nevertheless, he wants to mitigate the risk to the best of his ability.

This includes being cognizant of how much he spends on the date.

Regardless of how attractive she is, there is no guarantee that she is liking him by the end of the date.

To keep himself from wasting too much money in the event she doesn’t like him or they don’t get along, he manages how much he spends.

He spends anywhere between $50 to $100.

This mitigates the risk.

There are circumstances where a guy spends more from the start.

This is when he has spent months getting to know the girl and has established a deep emotional bond with her.

A guy that establishes a deep emotional bond before he takes a girl out on a first date has a much greater propensity to spend a greater amount on the date.

He already knows that he connects with this woman.

He trusts her.

He knows that she isn’t about to use him for a foodie call.

A foodie call is when a woman goes out on a date with a guy with the sole intention of getting free food.

She has no romantic interest in the guy and only cares about satisfying her taste buds.

Lots of guys are fearful of being used for a foodie call.

A guy that establishes a deep emotional bond with a woman prior to taking her out on a first date isn’t worried about being taken advantage of by the girl.

He already trusts her and believes that she cares about his well-being.

In situations like this, he is spending hundreds of dollars on her per date without a care in the world.