How Many Times A Month Is Adequate To Meet Your Boyfriend In Person?

How Many Times A Month Is Adequate To Meet Your Boyfriend In Person?The idea is to have your own lives, while maintaining a healthy relationship as partners.

Some girls are too caught up in their emotions and get carried away with how many times a month they meet their boyfriend in person.

They are seeing each other each and every day, spending all their free time together.

This is too much.

No matter how much you get along with, and connect with your boyfriend, getting carried away with how often you meet him in person is asking for trouble.

When you go this route, you are unwittingly becoming far too dependent on each other for your emotional needs.

This leads to the inevitable.

The moment there is a day where your boyfriend is preoccupied and incapable of coming to you at a time he normally does, you are getting upset and anxious.

This is akin to a drug addict who hasn’t had their shot of heroine for the day.

You are so used to having him around that his absence is driving you crazy, making you restless.

Next thing you know, you are incessantly calling and texting him.

He isn’t responding.

He is preoccupied with whatever he is doing.

You aren’t used to not receiving an instant reply to the text messages you send him, and this makes you that much more anxious.

In his unexpected absence, your immediate emotional needs aren’t being met.

Given how much time you spend with each other, he has become your sole provider of emotional sustenance.

On this day, he is gone and you are struggling to keep the absence of this sustenance from driving you mad.

Desperate, you text a friend, but it isn’t enough.

You are in desperate need of your boyfriend.

Without him, the prospect of tempering your nerves and keeping yourself emotionally satiated is bleak.

Somehow, you survive the hours that he is away until he finally returns to you in person, but you are angry at him.

He didn’t reply to your text messages and phone calls.

As far as you are concerned, he was ignoring you, giving you the silent treatment, and that has you upset.

The truth is, he was unable to reply to the text message or take your call.

He was preoccupied at the time.

In this scenario he was absent for a legitimate reason.

A company meeting that ran late.

Unexpected traffic that kept the streets jammed.

A phone that went dead with no means of recharging it in the location he was stuck at.

It doesn’t matter what he says though.

He is normally with you at the hours that he was gone, and your mind is filled with the worst scenarios of what he must have been doing during this time.

Was he cheating on you with a different woman?

Is she someone you know?

You are pulling your hair out as you rage at him.

It got so bad during the hours that he was unavailable to you, there were moments where you were hyperventilating.

A few more absences like this, and you are bound to text or call one of your male friends to aid in getting you through it.

Once he gets wind of this, he isn’t happy.

All of a sudden, he is the one who is thinking that you are cheating on him when he is unavailable to you for several hours.

All of this breeds an unhealthy relationship that is fraught with distrust.

Never let it get this far.

Maintaining your hobbies and interests, as he does his, is absolutely critical for a relationship to flourish.

This means that you shouldn’t be meeting each other in person every single day of the week.

This doesn’t give you time to do these other activities.

Instead, meet your boyfriend in person about two to three times a week, which amounts to eight to twelve times a month.

This gives you time during the week to do a variety of activities with friends, family, and privately.

Additionally, it gives you adequate time together in person to do activities as a couple.

A healthy relationship requires a good balance of time away from each other, and time together.