How Far Overseas Would You Date Someone That You Establish A Connection With?

How Far Overseas Would You Date Someone That You Establish A Connection With?Dating someone that is overseas should never be taken lightly.

Many people get lost in the good emotions they feel when they connect with someone overseas romantically.

This is someone who was missing out on love where they live.

And finally finds an emotional connection with someone overseas.

This is where you are at right now in your life.

You have struggled to find a romantic connection with people who live locally and aspire to find it with someone overseas.

In most situations, overseas romances like this begin online.

I get it.

You are craving love, and are weary about how much you have struggled to experience it with someone that lives locally.

Before jumping off the ledge and going for someone who lives overseas, strongly consider giving your local environment another shot.

There are bound to be areas that you are yet to explore.

Areas that have people.

People with the potential to connect with you romantically.

This is especially true if you live in a fairly large city or town.

Okay, now that I have let that out as a caveat, if you still choose to find love overseas, the distance is a major factor.

The closer the person is to your country, the better it is.

This is especially true if the two of you can travel to each other without having to literally fly over oceans.

The closer the person is, the easier it is for you two to visit each other on a regular basis.

This is absolutely a must.

An emotional connection that you establish with someone overseas requires physical interaction to keep it alive.

Without this, it is inevitable that the emotional connection wanes over time until it completely diminishes.

This means that all those months that you spent chatting with this person over the phone or through video chats have been wasted because you didn’t meet each other in person, or didn’t meet each other in person enough.

Physical face to face conversations are a must.

The closer in distance this person is to you, the easier it is to have more of these physical exchanges.

Every time it occurs, it gives you two a healthy dose of energy.

This is energy that keeps the emotional connection alive.

A person who lives no more than 2 to 3 hours from your country is ideal.

Anything more than this, and it gets complicated.

And this is further exacerbated if you have to literally travel over seas whenever you want to see each other.

If you can’t help it and this person so happens to literally live in a country that is many hours away and over an ocean or multiple oceans, there is something else you can do to keep the emotional connection alive.

Take long vacations.

Whether you have to put in extra time at work to get these long vacations, or have to find a new job that provides long vacations, do it.

With long vacations, you get to spend an extended amount of time with each other.

Enough to reinject you with energy that can persist for a few more months after you return to your lives.

All of this being said, a long distance relationship works best when either party have a strong intention to eventually live in the same area locally.

Either party sets up an actionable plan to achieve this objective and are constantly keeping each other informed of the progress they are making towards this objective.

With a plan, you have a shot at giving this overseas romance a happy ending.