How Does A Cheater Feel When Blocked By A Girl He Was Dating?

How Does A Cheater Feel When Blocked By A Girl He Was Dating?A cheater has an ego.

This is a personality trait that is a constant with a cheater.

You are not the first person he has cheated on.

The previous women he has cheated on have forgiven him for this behavior, which has led to him being used to getting away with cheating.

In blocking him, he feels his ego slighted.

In his mind, this is betrayal.

Yes, a betrayal.

This is how warped the mind of a cheater works.

By blocking him, he interprets that as a sign that you don’t respect him.

After all, he was dating you.

In that aspect, he believes that he is owed respect.

He isn’t taking responsibility for cheating on you.

As a selfish individual, he won’t have the capacity to take responsibility for cheating on you.

Being that he has gotten away with cheating in the past, with previous girls he has dated, he has never had to contend with the consequences of cheating.

It’s akin to a small child whose bad behavior is constantly excused.

They develop a lack of responsibility for their actions.

This isn’t surprising in the least.

This makes the spoiled child that much more brazen in how they misbehave.

When a cheater gets blocked by a girl he was dating, he doesn’t have the humility to look inward at his behavior and take responsibility for his cheating behavior.

Instead, he puts the blame on the person that blocked him in the first place, you.

He feels a resentment for what you have done.

He doesn’t like that you have shut him out.

Along with massive egos, cheaters are all about power.

They love having the power over their relationships, knowing full well that they can behave badly and maintain said power.

In blocking this cheater, you have given him a dose of something that he isn’t used to being at the receiving end of.


You exhibited power.

He is so used to being the one who has the power in a relationship.

Being that he has been excused in the past for his cheating behavior with prior girls he has dated, he has developed an elevated sense of power in his mind.

He believes that he has power over these girls.

After all, he keeps getting away with cheating.

These prior girls kept taking him back, listening to his false words proclaiming that he loves them, and that he doesn’t care about whoever it was he cheated with.

Knowing that these girls were already in love with him and would struggle to break up with him, he took full advantage of this power.

This power has been one-sided, until you.

He isn’t used to what you just did.

You blocked him, exhibiting power by doing so.

The girls he has cheated on in the past never exhibited this power upon learning of his infidelity.

They threatened him with a breakup or punishment, but never followed through on it.

Given that they had feelings for him, they would forgive him.

This has bloated his ego and given him a massive perception of power.

In blocking him, you have taken that power away from him, and he feels weak.