How Do You Win At Dating Apps If You’re Fat And Overweight?

How Do You Win At Dating Apps If You're Fat And Overweight?A variety of people sign up on dating apps.

These are people of varying sizes.

Fat, stocky, slim, muscular, athletic, morbidly obese, etc.

The good news is that this creates a wide berth of people to choose from.

The quickest route to win at dating apps if you’re fat and overweight is to look for people who look like you.

In other words, seek out people that are fat and overweight too.

This keeps you on the same level of physical attractiveness, making it likelier that you match with them.

People naturally gravitate to what is familiar to them.

A person that is fat and overweight is going to see you as someone who has similarities to them.

Obviously, there is a similarity in physical appearance.

But not only that.

As long as you aren’t on a strict weight loss regiment, there is a similarity in lifestyle.

This leads to an easier connection and courtship process.

In seeking out people who are fat and overweight on dating apps, you win at dating apps.

This being said, if you would much rather match with fit people, as opposed to fat and overweight people, you have to be realistic.

People want to get a fair exchange for what they have to offer in a relationship.

A fit person is looking for a fair exchange for what they offer.

She knows that she is fit, and the idea of matching with someone who is fat and overweight isn’t anywhere near what she is looking for on a dating app.

Be real with yourself.

How often do you see a fat and overweight man walking around with a fit girlfriend in public?

It’s not that common.

What do you normally see?

You see fat and overweight people walking around as couples, and fit and athletic people walking around as couples.

This isn’t any different on dating apps.

Dating apps mimic real life.

Like attracts like.

If you have struggled to attract fit women in real life, you will struggle to attract fit women on dating apps.

Dating apps aren’t designed to do miracles.

To an extent, they reflect the real world.

People who think that signing up on dating apps is their ticket to overcoming their dating woes aren’t being realistic.

A poor person who signs up on a dating app isn’t going to miraculous attract a rich person.

The same applies for a fat and overweight person who is delusional about attracting a fit and athletic person on a dating app.

As a fat and overweight person who desires a fit person, you have to bring value.

This has to be value that a fit woman deems a worthy exchange.

You can either lose weight to put yourself on an equal playing field with her, or elevate yourself in a different capacity.

This is where you have financial wealth or notoriety.

Do you have either of these?

Having one or the two puts you on the fastest route to winning on dating apps and attracting fit women.