How Do You Know If Someone Is Blushing Whenever You’re Around, Or If They Just Have Naturally Rosy Cheeks?

How Do You Know If Someone Is Blushing Whenever You're Around, Or If They Just Have Naturally Rosy Cheeks?Put yourself in situations where the person isn’t aware of your presence.

Observe him as he is talking to people in general, or doing a task.

Again, make sure that he isn’t aware of your presence.

Look at his cheeks as he is doing all of this to verify whether he is blushing.

Is he?

Does he have rosy cheeks?

If he doesn’t, that is your confirmation that you are the reason why he blushes.

This means that he has increased blood flow to his cheeks whenever you are around.

This is an indication that he is blushing.

Be careful that you don’t misconstrue the reason why his cheeks redden whenever you are around.

Yes, it often means that he is attracted to you, but is too shy to keep his emotions in check whenever you are around.

It’s his emotions that gets his blood level up, forcing it into his cheeks, making him blush.

This being said, blushing isn’t always a sign that he is interested in you romantically.

Sometimes, blushing occurs when you trigger a negative reaction in him.

A situation for instance where he felt embarrassed or compromised in your presence.

This is especially true for someone that is socially awkward.

If he has ever been in an embarrassing or compromising incident with various people present, that made him feel embarrassed, he is inclined to getting rosy cheeks whenever he is around anyone who so happened to be present, while that embarrassing or compromising incident was occurring.

Think back to moments that you have been in his presence where an embarrassing or compromising incident occurred.

To be honest, you might not even think that it was an embarrassing or compromising moment, but it was to him.

Being a socially awkward guy, any unwanted attention directed at him, feels uncomfortable.

This can be something as innocuous as him being asked a question in class that he was unable to answer, or being called out good-naturedly at work for being a few minutes late.

To a regular person with social acumen, these incidents are unimpactful and easily forgotten.

As a socially awkward guy, these incidents were as intense and memorable as the first time he got behind the wheel of a car as a teenager learning how to drive.

Think back to whether there have been moments like this, and you so happen to be present.

If so, this is an alternate explanation for why you have seen him with rosy cheeks whenever you are around.

Your presence triggers the memory of that embarrassing or compromising incident.

As a result, blood rushes to his face and he blushes.

In this context, he is not blushing as a consequence of a romantic interest in you.

He is blushing as a reflexive action, which has been triggered by your presence.

He is reminded of that embarrassing or compromising moment, and his body reacts to the anxiety that it triggers.

Keep this in mind whenever you see him blushing in your presence.

Notwithstanding, should you believe that he has never been in these embarrassing or compromising moments in your presence, and have observed that his cheeks are never rosy whenever you are not in his immediate vicinity, he is attracted to you.

His cheeks aren’t naturally rosy.

They are rosy for you.