How Do You Know He Is A Good Guy To Date And Make Your Boyfriend?

How Do You Know He Is A Good Guy To Date And Make Your Boyfriend?A good guy to date has a good relationship history.

This is a guy with previous girlfriends who have nothing but good things to say about him.

He had long-lasting relationships with them.

There was no cheating nor abuse.

Do your homework on the guy you are currently seeing, and learn about his past relationships.

Know his reputation.

Does he have a reputation of that of a player?

Use mutual friends and social media to get clues about his reputation.

A person’s past behavior is a strong indicator of how they behave in the future.

Knowing his history in dating gives you a much better idea of who you are dealing with.

This is important because there are guys who misrepresent their true personality in the early stages of dating.

This is a guy that acts in a way that he knows appeals to you.

He has a good idea of what you look for in a guy’s behavior.

And he uses this to his advantage.

He says the right words.

Sends you the right texts.

Takes you to the right locations on dates.

Acts like he loves everything you have to say.

Basically, he knows what buttons to push and he pushes them.

With so many of your boxes in what you like in a potential partner checked, you are susceptible to falling for his subterfuge.

By the time you realize that he was giving you a false impression of who he truly is, it’s too late.

You have fallen for him emotionally.

There are feelings at play and it isn’t that easy for you to cut your losses and let him go.

Unfortunately, once he knows that you have fallen for him, his authentic self comes out.

He becomes abusive and takes advantage of your love for him.

You see, when you aren’t cautious in the early stages of courtship, you make yourself vulnerable to a guy who uses subterfuge to get you to fall for him.

You thought he was a good guy, but he was far from it.

Knowing that he is a good guy to date and make your boyfriend requires that you listen to him and listen closely.

A guy that isn’t being authentic with you contradicts himself.

He gives you information in a conversation that he contradicts in a future conversation.

When there are inconsistencies in the stories he tells you, he is not to be trusted.

He is not a good guy.

A good guy doesn’t contradict himself.

When you bring up a topic he talked about before, he gives you similar information without contradicting himself.

This is how you know that he is trustworthy.

Trustworthiness is the basis of any healthy relationship.

In the early stages of courtship, a guy that consistently demonstrates trustworthiness, is a guy that would be trustworthy as a future boyfriend.

Additionally, a good guy to date and make your boyfriend is one that has shown tolerance of you on your bad days.

These are days where you haven’t been at your best behavior.

You were in a sour mood and took it out on him, or weren’t as friendly.

Yet, he didn’t judge you for it.

Knowing that you were just having a bad day, he spoke to you with kindness, choosing not to respond to you with the same negativity.

He has seen you on your bad days and accepted you without judgment.

A guy that is a great candidate for a long-term relationship has seen you on your bad days and had the patience to be kind to you in these moments.

This means that if you were to make him your boyfriend, you don’t have to worry about him suddenly picking up and leaving you the moment you have a bad day.