How Do You Get A Girl To See You Are Not Too Old To Date Her?

How Do You Get A Girl To See You Are Not Too Old To Date Her?She is super attractive to you in no uncertain terms.

Only issue is she thinks you are too old to date her.

You don’t think that there is that much of an age difference.

Yet, this gorgeous woman rejected you based on her age barometer.

It was a bitter pill to swallow when she told you, as though you were punched in the gut.

This was a girl that you had been looking to ask out for a while.

Throughout the time it took for you to finally get the courage to ask her out, you were thinking about what a life with her as your girlfriend would look like.

It was euphoric.

So euphoric, you convinced yourself that a life with her was imminent.

All you had to do was have the courage to ask her out.

You finally did, and she turned you down on account of your age.

You actually aren’t all that much older than she is.

There are not that many years that separate you, which made the rejection that much harder to take.

To get her to see you as not too old for her to date, she needs to see you in a space that she frequents, doing an activity that she loves and is obsessed with.

As you participate in this activity, be knowledgeable and skilled.

For example, you know that she takes photography class or does photography as a hobby.

She is impassioned about photography.

She talks about it for hours with her friends.

It’s time you get good at photography.

Really good.

Better than her.

This only works when you do this out of authentic curiosity.

If you are forcing yourself to develop an interest in photography, it won’t last.

Plus, she sees right through it.

As long as you have an authentic interest in photography, put in the work to get really good at it.

Better than her.

Put samples up of your photography on your social media.

As word gets around about how good you are at photography, she gets wind of it.

She takes a look at the pieces of photography that you have up on your social media and is floored by them.

As the weeks go by and your social media page that is completely dedicated to your pieces of photography increases in popularity, she is constantly drawn back to your page.

Without you having to say a word to her, you are winning her over with how amazing your pieces of amateur photography are.

There is an emotional attachment developing within her as she becomes addicted to these pieces of amateur photography.

This emotional attachment inspires her to leave positive comments on your amateur photos amid liking them.

Avoid acknowledging her as she does this on your social media page.

In time, she knows that she wants you to acknowledge her, and this is when she sends you a DM.

She no longer cares that you are too old for her.

All she cares about is the emotional connection she has developed for you on account of how good your amateur photos are.

Photography is but an example.

Whether it be this or a different activity that she is profoundly passionate about, get involved in it, get unbelievably good at it, and showcase it.

This slowly appeals to her subconscious, compelling her to initiate contact with an intent to see whether there is romantic potential.