How Do I Reciprocate Interest In A Woman That Previously Approached Me?

How Do I Reciprocate Interest In A Woman That Previously Approached Me?Women aren’t known to approach men.

Not the majority of them.

This means that it took a lot for her to approach you in the first place.

She doesn’t do this on a regular basis.

You are either the only guy she has approached, or one of very few, and this makes you someone that she isn’t forgetting any time soon.

The fact that you didn’t reciprocate the interest she was showing in you didn’t make her feel rewarded for her courage.

After all, she rarely approaches guys, if ever, until now.

As much as men fear rejection, women fear rejection more.

When you didn’t reciprocate her interest, she felt rejected.

As a woman, she took it badly.

She talked to her friends about what happened, looking for comfort in what they would have to say in response.

She was craving reassurance from these friends that she was not an ugly duckling.

Several of them convinced her that she is not an ugly duckling, calling her beautiful and pretty instead.

This is what friends do, especially female friends.

They are there to support each other in the roughest of times.

This includes those moments when someone in the friend circle has been rejected and requires to get their ego boosted.

Her friends did everything they could to boost her ego, knowing that she was hurt by the rejection.

Rejection is not a regular occurrence in her life in regards to dating.

She is the one who gets approached by guys.

She is used to being the one who does the rejecting.

In this case, you were the one who rejected her.

This is what you are dealing with.

As you are contemplating how to go about reciprocating interest in a woman that previously approached you, be cognizant of everything she has been through since you rejected her.

She has been through an emotional whirlwind where she had to come to terms with the rejection.

She had to lean on a few friends to help her get over the disappointment of being rejected.

Women have powerful social networks.

This is why they are quick to get over disappointment and move on fairly quickly.

It’s likely she has moved on from you.

Meaning, she is no longer feeling the interest she once had for you.

This makes it that much more difficult to get her to be interested in you again.

This calls for you to be the one to start approaching her.

You have to take it upon yourself to initiate conversations with her.

Keep the conversations brief and fun, as you don’t want to keep her for too long.

Make her laugh, give her compliments, and flirt with her.

All of this loosens her up.

It is going to take some time for you to get her to feel like she can open herself up to you again, but keep at it.

As long as you keep initiating conversations, and keep charming her, she is bound to fall for you again.

Furthermore, don’t keep this up for too long.

As long as she has been demonstrating a responsiveness to your approaches, ask her out soon.

As a rule of thumb, ask her out within a week of making these approaches.

This keeps her from being negatively influenced by her mind, as it compels her to second-guess herself.

Being that you rejected her before, she is susceptible to being influenced by her mind, as it forces her to question why she is allowing herself to talk to you in the first place.

Her mind is designed to protect her, and knowing that you have rejected her once before, it wants to protect her by telling her that she shouldn’t let you in.

This is why you should ask her out fairly quickly.

This keeps her from getting negatively influenced by her mind, as it forces her to put up a protective wall to keep you out.

If you take too long to ask her out, her mind wins, convincing her to stop being responsive to your approaches.

Keep this in mind.