How Come Some People Go Through Their 20s Never Having A Relationship, Dates, Or Sex At All?

How Come Some People Go Through Their 20s Never Having A Relationship, Dates, Or Sex At All?Not everyone in their 20s has the same personality and lifestyle.

An inactive social life, as an introvert, makes it less likely that you get into a relationship, find a date, or have sex.

It boils down to how introverted you are.

The more introverted and less social you are, the likelier you end up without ever having been in a relationship, had a date, or had sex.

Those in their 20s who are extroverted with an active social life are the ones who have the highest propensity to get into relationships, date, and have sex.

An extroverted guy in his 20s is used to talking to women.

He has little fear in this department.

Girls like guys that have good social skills.

These are guys that are adept at initiating a conversation and keeping it going.

He flirts, teases, and is bold enough to ask for her phone number.

This is a guy that is nothing like you.

As an introvert, you would never approach women to initiate conversation, let alone flirt, tease, and ask for her phone number.

Think about it.

How many times in your 20s have you approached a woman, started a conversation and requested her phone number?

When you never do this, you are far less likely to get into a relationship, date, or have sex.

Rather, the extroverted guy in his 20s who talks to women gets to have these experiences.

You are misguided in thinking that a relationship, dates, and sex just happen.

They don’t.

Without putting yourself in social environments on a regular basis, you aren’t exposing yourself to women.

Without exposure to women, you are rarely engaging with them in conversation.

Without engaging in conversation with women, you never get to ask for her phone number.

Without her phone number, you are ill-equipped to ask her out on a date in the future.

You see, without any real effort from you, neither a relationship, dating, or sex is happening.

As a man, the onus is on you to put in the work to get yourself a relationship, a date, or sex.

Women rarely approach men.

She expects a guy to make the first move.

Are you regularly attending social venues?

Do you approach women?

Without this, you are bound to be one of those people who goes through his 20s without ever having a relationship, getting dates, or having sex.

All of this changes the moment you choose to be more social.

Yes, I know that it sounds scary.

But, without the risk, there is no reward.

Women won’t drop on your lap.

You have to put in the effort to get women to give you their time and attention.

Even though you are introverted, there are ways to improve your social life.

If you freak out at the prospect of attending a social venue with people you are unfamiliar with, consider signing up for interest groups instead.

These are interest groups around activities that you like to do.

This means that the people who sign up on this interest group already have something in common with you.

This makes it easier for you to start a conversation with a woman that you meet when attending this interest group, using this interest as an opening topic of conversation.

Unlike the intimidating flashing lights of a nightclub, meeting people who have a common interest with you in an interest group provides a degree of comfort.

As an introvert, this puts you at ease, giving you a chance to get to know the women in your group, and hopefully strike it off with one of them in the foreseeable future.