How Can I Approach A Guy I Am Physically Attracted To?

How Can I Approach A Guy I Am Physically Attracted To?Guys aren’t used to getting approached by women.

Keep this in mind as you contemplate how to go about approaching a guy.

Be prepared for him to be a little taken aback or surprised when you approach him.

Depending on the quality of your approach, this will only be temporary.

Remember, being a guy, he isn’t used to getting approached by women.

Even exceptionally attractive men who do get approached by women, don’t get approached by the lion’s share of women that are attracted to them.

These are women who would much rather send him signals of their physical attraction, by frequently looking in his direction, or moving themselves in a position to get him to notice them.

Ergo, even the most attractive guys don’t get directly approached by women as much as they should.

Whether this guy you want to approach is attractive or not, he isn’t used to girls approaching him.

The smoothest method to make your approach and open a conversation with him, without rattling him, is to ask his opinion on a particular subject.

Inherently, a guy likes it when people defer to him for his knowledge on a particular subject.

This puts him in his element.

By opening your approach by asking him about his opinion on a subject, you are easing yourself into a conversation with him.

To put him in a good and confident state of mind, ask him for his opinion on a subject that he has a high likelihood of having copious knowledge and expertise about.

It’s as elementary as using what he is carrying or wearing.

For instance, he so happens to be walking with the latest smartphone of a popular brand in hand.

Approach him by asking him a question in regards to it.

When did this version come out?

What is the camera like on it?

How sharp are the photos?

What free video games did it come with?

These are all examples to use to open a conversation with him.

It puts him right in his element.

Instead of being tense about the fact that a girl has suddenly come up to him and opened a conversation, he is thinking about what you have asked him.

Being a quintessential guy, he loves his tech gadgets.

His smartphone is a tech gadget that rarely leaves his side.

He has spent too many a night playing around with it, figuring out what it can do.

He is a guy after all.

This is how you put him in his element so that he isn’t nervous or unsettled when you approach him.

With this as your intro, his brain is excited about demonstrating his knowledge.

Let him go at it.

As he explains away, his confidence is building.

As long as you are paying attention to him, making consistent eye contact, and asking him relevant follow-up questions, he is encouraged to keep the conversation going.

Given your positive response, his confidence is charged, and he is asking for your name, and following that up with a few lighthearted personal questions.

At this stage in the conversation, he is trying to ascertain whether you approached him out of physical attraction, or out of an authentic curiosity about his new smartphone.

Instead of keeping him guessing, simply ask about how to go about contacting him, in case you have any questions for him when you buy the same version of his smartphone.

Upon hearing this, he is instantly volunteering his contact info, relieved that he doesn’t have to sweat it out, wondering whether you are attracted to him and whether he should ask for your phone number.

Once you have exchanged contact information, you are well on your way to prolonging this exchange and finding out whether there is romantic potential.