How Can A Guy Have Personality, Charm, And Humor If He’s An Introvert?

How Can A Guy Have Personality, Charm, And Humor If He's An Introvert?An introvert can have personality, charm and humor.

These aren’t traits that are exclusive to extroverted guys.

An introverted guy is a human being who has hobbies, interests and talents.

All of these make him innately interesting.

There is one element that primarily separates an extroverted guy from an introverted guy, playing a formidable role in how you define yourself.

An extroverted guy gets his emotional sustenance from continuous exposure to external acknowledgement, and an introverted guy doesn’t require it.

An introverted guy is emotionally charged with himself as company.

When he chooses to be social, he only requires a few familiar people around him for him to feel acknowledged.

This is the main difference between an extroverted guy and an introverted guy.

An introverted guy can have personality, charm and humor that rivals that of an extroverted guy.

After all, the average introverted guy has a life.

As aforementioned, he has interests, hobbies and talents of his own.

So much of his personality is connected to what he is passionate about in life.

What are you passionate about?

What are your interests and hobbies?

What talents do you have?

What motivates you in life?

All of this is what facilitates in making you define who you are and what you are about.

This is where personality is born.

As far as charm, there are different brands of it.

You don’t have to be an extroverted guy to have charm.

Charm is born from confidence.

Are you confident?

Confidence isn’t exclusively relegated to extroverted guys.

An introverted guy can easily build his confidence by gaining skill.

Work on getting better at doing different manual tasks and expanding your mental knowledge in a variety of topics.

Since you are an introvert and don’t go out as much as an extroverted guy, build your confidence by learning how to fix things around your home when they break.

This improves your motor skills and knowledge about how to go about doing these fixes.

Speaking of knowledge, build your confidence by gaining knowledge around a range of topics.

We live in a digital world.

There is no excuse to not gain knowledge each and every day when you have the world at your fingertips, thanks to the internet.

Gain knowledge about topics that you are curious about.

Develop a voracious appetite to gain knowledge by reading up on these various topics.

Since you aren’t fond of going out in public all that often, join online groups around these topics.

Doing this puts you around people who are passionate about these topics in a virtual space.

This is a digital space where you get to share ideas with them and gain further knowledge around said topics.

All of this improves your mental acumen.

Just like that, in working with your hands at home, and expanding your mind with knowledge in a range of topics, you have naturally developed confidence.

Through confidence, charm is born.

Here on out, whenever you are engaging with people, there is an aura of confidence that naturally emanates from you.

When they bring up a topic of conversation, you are quick to expand on it, being that you have spent all this time gaining knowledge about a variety of topics in your personal time.

This makes you charming.

Just as charm is born of confidence, so is humor.

It’s easier to have humor when you are confident in who you are as a person.

This is where it is so much easier for you to use self-deprecating humor.

Your confidence gives you the courage to use humor to make fun of your idiosyncrasies or deficiencies, knowing that you make up for them in areas where you have improved your manual skills and mental acumen.