He Has Become Distant, But Says I Am Just Overthinking. Should I Believe Him?

He Has Become Distant, But Says I Am Just Overthinking. Should I Believe Him?You most certainly shouldn’t believe him.

Innately, you know that he has become distant and that isn’t without good reason.

He isn’t initiating texts and phone calls to the extent that he once did.

On top of this, he isn’t taking you out on dates as he once did.

Whenever he is with you, the affectionate hugs and physical closeness are no longer as frequent.

Even while he is in your physical presence, he is stuck on his phone, or doesn’t want to be bothered with you as he plays video games or watches a streaming TV channel.

Not only has he become distant, but whenever he is in your physical presence, he is not as mentally present as he once was.

This isn’t you just overthinking.

This is real.

This is what you have been observing in his behavior over the course of the last several weeks or months.

At first, you weren’t saying anything to address it.

You were hoping that his behavior would change.

After several weeks, with no change to his distant behavior, you now know that this isn’t a temporary thing.

It is real.

He has been consistently distant.

You are not wrong in bringing this up to him.

In fact, you have to.

A relationship cannot thrive without proper communication and a satisfaction that either partner is getting what they need out of the relationship.

At this time, and over the last several weeks, you have not been getting what you need out of your partner.

This means that you must not only bring up the topic of why he has been distant, but do so with an intention to get a resolution.

In other words, it isn’t enough for you to give up on the topic when he says that you are just overthinking.

When he says that, he isn’t looking to address the issue, and this mustn’t stand.

The longer you go without getting this issue addressed, the likelier it gets worse.

So much worse that it gets to a stage where it is irreparable.

Guys have a habit of being reluctant to talk about their feelings.

They have this idea that in ignoring an issue, it gets better on its own.

This approach is futile.

The longer an issue in a relationship persists, the worse the issue becomes.

You have to have a proper conversation with him about what is going on.

Prior to being distant, he was much closer to you.

He was affectionate, caring, and communicative.

That is now suffering.

That means that he either was misrepresenting who he was in the early stages of courting you, or something happened in the course of your relationship that led to this behavior.

So, you have to talk to him about it.

You mustn’t accept it when he says that you are just overthinking.

You aren’t.

Talk to him and ask him about what is going on with him.

If he refuses to talk about it, you have to strongly consider whether it is wise to keep dating him.

Without resolution, a situation like this only gets worse.

You find yourself not getting your needs met, while he continues to have the benefit and privileges of you as his partner.

A relationship is a two-way street.

Either partner must be getting their needs met for a relationship to be healthy and long-lasting.