Have You Ever Made Friends With Someone You Met On A Dating Site That You Never Hit It Off With?

Have You Ever Made Friends With Someone You Met On A Dating Site That You Never Hit It Off With?People make friends with their matches all the time on a dating site.

These are people who don’t hit it off with a match but realize that they are better off as friends.

You are now in the same predicament.

This means you are in good company.

Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t feel bad about only looking at a match as someone you are open to being friends with.

The last thing you want is to force yourself to be romantic with a match that you realize you aren’t romantically compatible with.

Sometimes, it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that you aren’t romantically compatible with a guy.

At first, everything seemed so promising.

The conversations were easy-flowing and enjoyable.

He was prompt to respond to your messages.

There was a lot you shared in common.

Yet, somewhere along the way, you realized that you weren’t feeling a romantic chemistry.

Although the conversations had been going well, there was something missing.

That is what has led you to think of making him a friend instead.

There is nothing wrong with coming to this decision.

You didn’t lead him on.

The truth is, you thought that there would be a romantic connection and went about interacting with him with that mindset.

Sometimes, no matter how much you are hoping for romantic chemistry to develop with a match, it doesn’t happen.

Such is the nature of romantic compatibility.

It wasn’t there, and you are better off realizing this sooner rather than later.

Were you to keep chatting with this match, under the impression that romantic chemistry is imminent, you end up wasting your time and his.

This is where you are going for many weeks or months having conversations with him, before finally acknowledging that the romantic chemistry is not happening.

All of this time wasted.

This works against you and him.

It doesn’t take long to learn whether there is romantic potential with a match.

You already know how you feel when you are establishing romantic chemistry with someone, based on your life experience in dating.

In most cases, you don’t require several weeks or months to figure this out, as long as you have been communicating with each other consistently.

It’s best to catch that there is no romantic chemistry early, so that you don’t keep up false hope.

Once you realize that there is no romantic chemistry, informing him that you would love to keep on getting to know him, but as friends, is the right thing to do.

This way, you don’t keep leading him on, and he is in a position where he gets to make a decision on whether he wants to be friends with you or not.

You are one of many people who has considered making someone that you matched with on a dating site a friend.

This especially happens when there has been a few weeks of communication and the thought of losing out on the person without offering friendship feels like a loss.

It’s not your fault that you never hit it off.

All you can do now is offer friendship and leave it to him to make a decision on whether that is what he wants too.