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    So, I went on two dates with this girl. She was amazing on the first date, we talked for hours just rambling around the city. The second date rolls around and the same was happening, until she had her 3rd drink.

    She kept mentioning calories throughout the date and I finally asked, “is that something you struggle with?” She says yes and I start asking questions about it, as I have dated girls in the past with similar issues. To try and make her feel a little less crazy, I mentioned that I suffer from depression and that I have a pretty good handle on it but it’s something I have to deal with on a daily basis.

    We ended up changing the subject but she WAS VERY uncomfortable the rest of the date. As we left, she kept saying that she doesn’t know why I would want to see her again and that she wished she wasn’t so awkward ect. ect. I told her, that I enjoyed myself and that her awkwardness was understandable…considering we just met and poured our baggage all over each other so early. I told her I’d like to see her again and we made plans to trade music for biopics…(I’m really into music, she’s really into Journalism.)

    Basically, I’m out of a 5 year relationship a few months ago and yes this girl is intelligent, attractive and fun but she also comes with a lot of baggage. She’s also leaving soon when her program ends next May…so I sort of thought it would be a perfect fling that didn’t really have a shot to get too serious…now I don’t even know if I should see her again or if the whole experience has scared her away. Any advice out there?

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