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    Okay , so here is my story and I need opinion on this one as I am VERY confused what to do. I met a guy in 2015. He was 18 and I was 21. We shared our FBs and during the whole year occasionally chatted as we live far away, but share the same vacation location, we both go there couple of times per year or once.
    So in the summer of 2016 we went on a date. He showed signs of being madly in love with me, I was his first real gf and he was my second bf. He said that I am one of the rarest nicest persons and he really wants to be with me.
    we went out couple of times, and he said that I should come and visit him in his country and so I did in october. He used to text me EVERY single day.2-3 times I repeat , every single day and even planned on seeing me in April (we couldn’t see each other often as we were both really busy with uni and work ). So I was introduced with his ENTIRE family , like literally everyone accepted me – to mention his family is HUGE and takes an enormous part of his life. He is always doing something for his family members and is very hard-working and focused on his career. He has tons of cousins and likes to hang out with them. Annnd so it began, he would drag his family members EVERYWHERE with us (both i april and October), his cousins his mother, there were couple of times when we were alone but rare. I told him, as he noticed i was being a bit quiet , that I would appreciate a bit if he would want to spend a little time with me as we don’t see each other very often. He said he can’t change and “divide” to both sides. I was thinking, well alright, he has very little holiday, comes to spend time with his family which MEANS I have to adapt to this. as i did, as i loved him unconditionally as he is a good person with family morals and values. So this year in summer, he came again. He came to surprise me, my family was with me this time at my place, he came but ONLY on the second day of his arrival he came to see me which was very weird. The first day he was hanging out with his brothers at the beach without even letting me know. So, day afterwards, no words from him again. I decided to text him if he wanted to meet up at night (lol desperate) and he did. He would, AGAIN drag his friends this time everywhere with us. I came to realization that I am dealing with a child.being Nice to everyone, but immature child. on the third day in summer , he said he would call and take me to the beach – the whole day no words. That’s when I finally (AFTER a year) cracked. And sent him an angry message saying that it’s really not nice to behave like I do not exist in his life. And that its rude of him not to at least let me know if he can’t take me out I would have planned on something else. And in his response ,to my surprise, he sent even angrier message saying to me THAT HE DIDN’T COME ON HOLIDAY TO BE PLAYED AROUND BY ME.
    In shock of his sentence, I literally dropped my phone. I was shattered. All I did was , wanting to give him space even to spend time with his friends, I accepted everything. I never bothered him with texts, not a single day, never forced or persued that we should see each other no matter what. I was patient, I was sincere and I appreciated every moment with him even if it was little. Then I felt guilt for texting him and said we should have an open talk. And so we did. I was not fighting i spoke to him in calm voice but I was realizing that nothing seemed to get to him much just him saying – i do not think i am the right one for you.” I can’t divide in two sides I am sorry. I noticed that my family is burden to you, I can’t give you wahat you want now. ” it made me sad because it was NOT true.I had nothing against his family , I just wanted to hold onto every little moment i had with him, he then said i am very nice and his family loves me. We then kissed ,and went to his place. On the night before he was supposed to go back to his country for work, we made love the last time and he promised to see me again soon. I was happy with that statement as it gave me hope. He again, spoke from the heart and said that I am the nicest person he has met and a very good girl. He drove me back to my house we kissed and in the morning he left.
    AAAAAnd sooo it continued, him texting me on daily basis, sending me pictures, i did the same. He always used to ask about my family and send them hello , i did the same. Until like , mid of september. He said to me like.. when he came back in the beginning of August ,, You will come to my country again and se MANY places, and me too ” . I was so happy and excited , even though it would take ages I wanted to see him. But, in september, his texting decreased. He would text every 3-4 days, again, as it’s not in me I did NOT drag him or wanted to bother as I could sense some uncomfortable change. I did ask him couple of times – ” is something bothering you ? ” He said – No no everything is okay.i also noticed that he deleted comments from pictures in instagram (the comments I made on his pics usually some cute emoji , i didn’t post much of those) but other girls would comment and he had no problems. I noticed that he also commented frequently to some girls picture from the same time on our holiday location. And she did in return. . I told him I would be free until like end of october, if he has time or willing we can see each other ,he said he was too busy with work and has no holiday. So I accepted it. He would continue texting ,wished my mom bday. And couple of days later – biggest BOOM shock . He posted a pic on instagram (his hobby is photography so he does it often) , he was on the location where we go on holiday. I asked him ” Did you really go there ? ” He responded – Yes, yes I am there.
    And after 30 minutes he texts me “This doesn’t work out between us. This time we had together was very nice, but my feelings have changed and I am no longer comfortable. I noticed that I am the best on my own because I am not ready for realationship now. I understand that you are mad. My internet is bad but i will try and respond ” I said to him, please lets just talk tonight. He agreed. When the night came – he did not call. I asked are you going to call but he didn’t even bother seeing the message.
    In the morning he was apologizing. And that’s the last text I got from him . My only response was – Nothing more can surprise me from you. That’s all. He didn’t block me in instagram, or fb i even still have his family members on it.
    I am so confused at what to do. What do you think, will he text again, what should I do then ? Should I just block him ? I was in a horrible pain but now I have no problems in doing so.I did not block him on social networks as I usually don’t have problems with those stuff. But should I just give this time ? My biggest shock was his behavior , not the fact he has lost interest (if he did ) but the way he did it


    Fuck him and move on with your life. You are young, enjoy your life. Travel do things see the world!!! Don’t get all hemmed up behind this one guy, you will meet plenty of people. You were in love give yourself time to heal. It takes time to get over things. He is young and still trying to figure things out, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to have relationships. The time will come in your life for all of that. Enjoy life.

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