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    I began talking to a girl and then I felt I began to have a crush on her. She would laught a lot with me and we do have long conversations when we are together. The thing is that when we sit together she sometimes would stay quiet, avoid eye contact,and she would not even try to start a conversation. Why would she do that sometimes?


    I would do that to see how interested a guy was in me. Am I the reason we are having a good time together? Is he really making me this happy? Also, I would do that because I ran out of things to say. If I liked you, I would be just enjoying being near you.


    To me it seems like she is testing your interest in her
    She wants to see if you will pursue her when she leans back and stops putting in effort

    Please ask her out if you like her
    Girls generally dream of being pursued by the men they like

    If the men they like are not pursuing them romantically they will assume those men are not interested in them and move on with their lives

    Ask her out. You will not have to wonder anymore or ask questions on this site. The answer will be clear.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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