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    I have this girl who’s been my friend for a long time. 3 days ago she texted me for no reason at 5am (obviously I was sleeping) telling me she loves me, she said “… I just want you to know how thankful I’m to have you in my life, you are one of the best things that has ever happened to her, thank you for always putting me on first… you are a true gentleman… I hope you read this when you wake up…”. All of this with no reason. She told me to go to the park with her 2 days ago (we always go out alone) and we started talking about everything: (politics, religion, our family, science, society…). I kissed her in the mouth a lot of times before but this time in the park we kissed at least 70 times. We held hands we hugged we made a LOT of physical contact. She always says that she’ll never change me for anything and all. The day after we were supposed to have a date I told her very clear that it was a date and she always said yes but she couldn’t go cuz she was alone and had a problem but she explained to me. But now 3 days later she’s acting cold on me. She reads my messages and answers with little words and takes a lot to answer. She didn’t said or did anything in the park that disapproved my actions. I don’t know what to do. Hope you can answer me. Thank you for the people you have helped. Thanks God we have people like you on earth.

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