Why is my crush shy around me at school but not shy at parties/online?

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    She knows I like her and has a “rebound” boyfriend according to her friends (I found out at a party and one of her friends specifically said that he was a rebound to make her ex jealous). They started going out two or so weeks after the break up.

    I then told her that I liked her but she didn’t mention her new bf. Her ex spread rumors about my crush saying stuff about me and she apologized for him, said “(ex) crossed the line” and said she was embarrassed by him . He started the rumors as he suspected I liked her.

    On to the main bit. She sometimes looks at me and she almost always looks down instantly, if I notice her looking. She is normally shy around me in school but she is normally flirty on snapchat or at parties.

    We were at a party (same one where I found about the rebound) and she seemed really happy when I showed up late. She pointed at me, flicked her arms and wrists with the pointing and had a huge smile. She also slapped my ass with a rubber chicken and ran away laughing while I was looking in the fridge. She kinda paused and looked at me for about 5 seconds before doing it. I was laughing too.

    Her ex kissed her best friend (who was in a relationship) at the party and I texted my crush to see if her best friend and her boyfriend were still together and she said they were. I replied with “what (ex) did was messed up” and she said it “wasn’t that bad” and I agreed with “it was only a kiss” and she replied with “you know yourself” with a winking face, kinda implying that she knows about her bf being a rebound.

    Her snaps are always of her face looking to the side with her mouth open, showing her cheekbones or her looking at the camera with wide eyes and smiling.

    I just don’t get why she is shy around me at school, sometimes she does look at me quite a bit and smiles when she sees me. She is quite outgoing and looking down is out of character for her. As the year has gone on, she has been maintaining eye contact a bit more.

    Sometimes she fixes her hair and looks down when I walk past and laughs when I talk to her, even without being funny but that could be anything.

    She knew I liked her last year but this year, she has been more shy about it if you know what I mean.

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