Why is he so confusing?

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    Vy Tran

    me and this guy are both college students. i noticed him looking at me a lot in class, so one day i look at him and he just staring right back at me holding gaze. he don’t sit facing the teacher, he’s always facing me and i’m sitting behind him to a left of him a bit. and im shy so i only look at him when i think he’s not looking at me, but we’re both in each other’s views in class. I ask him for help on annotating my eng paper because we have the same eng class, and he did help me with it right away even though he was busy with other classes as well. so after that i went up to talk to him for a little bit about my paper and i always stood so close to him, and he didnt move away, and i also asked him for his phone number, and he gave me his snapchat instead because he said he use snapchat more. however, when i message him on snapchat, he didn’t open it until a day later, so i got embarrassed and deleted the message, and he apologized he didn’t see my message a day after that. but even though that happened, he still looks at me a lot in class but haven’t approach me at all, and its been almost 3 months already. he’s so confusing and i like him so much already. please help me.

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