Why he didn't say anything about his feelings ?

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    We are seeing each other for a year and a half.
    During that time he say that he loves me while he was drunk. And one month ago he again said that he loves me and when I didn’t say anything he corrected himself.
    Lately he asked me every time when we see each other do I love him, every time I said no but next time he ask me again.
    Last night when we were together he ask me do I love him and I said “yes. I think I am in love with you.” And he ask “You think or you are in love with me?” I didn’t say anything. He asked me again, and again, he insisted. I said yes.
    But he didn’t say anything about his feelings, I didn’t ask him.
    Why ?
    Thanks for your answer.


    Hi Dahaka,

    He may not have said anything about his feelings because he is uncertain about whether you truly love him.

    He has been trying to get clarity about that.

    That is why he kept asking you again and again whether you love him or just think that you love him while you were both hanging out last night.

    He may not want to say anything about his feelings until he feels confident that you love him.

    He has already told you that he loves you in the past and had to correct himself when you didn’t say that you loved him back.

    This was yet another moment that made him question whether you truly love him. Now, he is most likely being a lot more guarded with his feelings so that he doesn’t allow himself to become too attached to you.

    He may continue being guarded with his feelings until he is certain that you love him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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