Why does the boy that likes me start to ignore me all of a sudden?

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    There is this boy who like me we don’t really talk but I know that he liked me I used to catch her looking at me and he waits me after school to walk home (not together)… When I noticed that he liked me, I also start to look at him. But suddenly he avoid eye contact and ignored me. It was so obvious becouse he looks at me every day but then stopped it. I thought that he stopped like me but then his friends from his group always stare at me. I feel like they are being choosen and stare at me whole day( paronoid) for example in class there were 2 boys from his group ( they both likes someone else or has girlfriend) they stare at me whole lesson and I heard that he said the girl between us to back of so that they can see me in clear view. At the end of the lesson boy that likes me and that boys were together talking about something and I was looking into them and he looked at me too. He is not a shy boy he is actually bad boy type guy and there is a girl that he is always with every lunch I dont know if he doing it to make me jealous or they are really dating (lower chance) so If he still likes me or what? If he stopped like me how can I get her attention again?

    I wanna help

    He has probably heard from his (idiot) friends that he should have less eye contact to make you jealous so you want him more if you know he likes you then you should try to ask him out! What’s the harm? If he says no you will cry and if he says yes you will have millions of happy memories made with him

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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