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    Okay thus guy for 2 month has been looking and glanze at me, have been holding doors for me and flirtet. He even looked in my eyes tried conversation with me and my friend, mostly its with my friend he talks. But when i ask something, he rais slowly his head and talks and slowly looks in my eyes. But i have been shy and looked away somethimes, because its akwerd. But now i heard he dates a 3 year older woman , that he this is matture. But he still stick around and glance when i am not looking, even trying to be included in our conversation my friends and i. he even tries making fun with my friend in front of me for fun me but she is not his type. But is he into me still or is it just me?

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    Chad Thundercock


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    why lol?

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    Chad Thundercock

    I’m not laughing at you but rather at the situation because it’s amusing. During these two months if you were interested in him than it would be in your best interest to make it easy for him to conversate with you but you aren’t doing that because you’re looking away when he tries to talk to you. If he’s been interested in you during these two months than it would have been in his best interest to make you feel comfortable which he isn’t doing if you feel awkward and are looking away. A woman that I have come into contact a few times behaves like you and only she knows what she’s thinking… She may be wondering what I’m thinking or she may not and only I know what I’m thinking. We’re different characters but are playing the same roles with the same story. We have the same questions. But to answer you’re question I don’t know XD

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    okay, I think i know what you mean. Maybe he was interresed in me, but dont know if i am, so he is trying move on, but still holding on a bit by glance at me, but thinks there is no chance he can get me, so he trying let go,but he still somehow is in doubt,because he cant read me?

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    Chad Thundercock

    That’s possible… Maybe. Women can be very intuitive so if you think that he’s into you but can’t read you then that’s probably what’s going on 😉

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    okay, thank you :)

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