Why do guys ghost you after showing interest and come back to confuse you?

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    I was really interested in a guy…it seemed like he was too we flirted..saw each other on the daily…He moved away we both expressed our feelings. I made every effort to keep in touch trying to get to know him more and take things forward. But without warning person never responded back…and when they did all he wanted was a hookup…broke my heart.He seemed very sincere…I went off on him because I was hurt how dare he think I was ok with something like that I found it disrespectful and made my point…After a few months I called back apologized never heard from him…it’s been a yr now and I ran into him and now he thinks its ok to talk to me and try to continue where we left off…why because he moved back and I’m accessible now 2nd option…I don’t know what to do I was really interested in this guy and he blew me off like that…What should I do…I decided to move on…and now he shows up and I just don’t trust him..and I’m already in a relationship and I just don’t get why this person is acting this way..


    Don’t let this guy fool you girl! He just wants to have control over you. He is the one that should apologize to you. He didn’t have enough respect for you to even give you a response. And now he is back and he thinks that you are interested in him enough to go back and play you and I guess he knows you are in a relationship. Just drop this guy , he should beg and apologize to be with you. And don’t se you as a second choice.

    Tasha Knighten

    Fuck him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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