Why didn't he ask for my number?

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    Okay so I really need some help with this. I met this guy one year ago the first time and I didn’t think much about it and then I met him again now and the first thing he tells my bestfriend is that he likes me a lot and stuff. I was a bit cold to him the first 2 days we were hanging out together. But the last night together I realised I actually really like him and we got a bit too drunk and made out the entire night. But he never asked for my number. Why? He even told my best friend again that night that he likes still likes me. I am so confused. Please help asap


    Hi Nathalie,

    Despite the fact that the both of you made out that night, he may not have asked for your number because of the alcohol factor.

    In other words, he may not be entirely sure whether you made out with him because you liked him or because you were drunk.

    Hence, he may not have wanted to be too presumptuous in asking you for your number simply because the both of you made out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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