Why did he lead me on ?

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    Hello. I was interested in a guy that seemed like he was interested back. He had gotten out of a long term relationship and wanted to take things slow, so we did. We work together part time but majority of the time he’s at his First Response job. He hasn’t been at work since the COVID 19 pandemic started because he’s been working overtime being a first responder. Our mutual friend messaged him that I’m leaving the job that we are working at next tome and his response was “maybe I’ll come in on my off day and say hi but hopefully she doesn’t get anything twisted 🤣🤣” when she showed me that messaged, my heart broke. He seemed genuinely interested and got him to respond that way really took me by surprise. If he does come by the store while I’m still there I really do not want to speak to him. Why the sudden change ? I’m at a lost for words. Am I overreacting ?


    If he lead you on, it means that he just wanted some ego boost. He is not serious about you. Forget him and move on! You don’t need a guy who will feed off your attention just for the sake of his own satisfaction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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