Why did he come back and whats going on?

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    he said he likes a lot during college we met up and he actually said “ i really like u he would always look at me

    Then after college was over we reconnected after reaching out to him and he called me for 4 days before cutting me off and he sounded sad. He said “ im sorry im sorry we cant talk anymore”

    11 Months ago he cuts me off I didn’t say nothing back;he hung up after 6 seconds. He doesn’t have snap

    1 week ago he emailed me out the blue after that and said “ wats ur snap x” i replied a day later and said “give your snapchat g x” To be subtle lol but he hasn’t got back

    What is going on i cant stop thinking about it why he didnt reply when i ASKED his snap instead of giving mine and he hasnt replied yet and i miss him more . Does he want that emotional bond again? Will he even respond even tho he emailed me first AFTER cutting me off

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