Why did he block me yet still talk to me

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    Confused broken heart girl

    Here my story what happened : exactly 10 months ago I met this guy .This is our first time meeting each other in person and in a group of Friends I caught him keep looking /staring at me with a blank/frozen face the entire times. We did talked abit and hugged each other all that both of us were so awkward after we hugged each other He was so awkward the entire times while I was with him .We don’t really knew each other much . 2months Ago he suddenly contacted me on Fb message and we talked abit regarding some stuff he told me that he will get back to me asap but he never did he just Went Mia (missing in action ) sudden on me without giving me any explanation why he blocked me on His Fb and Fb message he even created a new Want . Fast forward to 1months Ago I suddenly received A unknown message from him one day and we started talking to each other again and trying to get to know each other more . He was so flirty with me whenever we were chatting Most of the questions he asked me is based on /about relationships things .I hinted him that I like him .he show some signs he does like me too but why is he ignoring /blocked me on his social media but yet he still talk to me on message I don’t understand.lately he have been a little quiet on me we still talk abit though. don’t understand what going on 🙁 need advice What should I do ?

    Thanks you 🙂

    Confused Nick


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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