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    So this girl I work with likes me and got my number. I wasn’t into her at first, but now from texting her I kind of do. I blew her off like twice on plans we had set up and the reason i did that is because she gives me this f off attitude in person, not through text. Eventually we went on a movie date and i tried to pull a move on her and she wouldn’t let me kiss her, also she gave me attitude. So that pissed me off cause i figured she’s trying to play me or something, so asked her and she said she’s really shy around me. So i gave her another chance. One night im in her car and i try to kiss her again. Same story. But this time she got alittle distant( you know when women are mad so they put peroids at the end of every message and use less emojis and respond slower, that bs). I asked her why she wouldn’t kiss me and she said it’s cause im moving to fast we’ve been only talking for like two weeks. Last thing she told me that she’s leaving work and that has made me worried that i might never get with her. What should i do Master of dating?

    Ps ur advice on videos has helped in the past thankyou 🙂

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