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    Ok so, 2 years ago my 10 year relationship ended.

    We had just sold everything we owned. Moved 300 miles away to help further his career and took our 2 kids with us (i say ours my eldest isnt his) we had been getting on better than in our whole relationship, then 4 months in out of the blue he says it isnt working. Leaves me homeless with the kids and goes to volunteer at a yoga retreat in a different country.

    We kept in contact and when he came back he came and stayed with me in the new home i had found and furnished without his help.

    After 4 months i couldnt take the fact he still didnt want me and kinda forced his hand to move out.

    We still spent loads of time together at the weekends doing things (weekends was his time to have his son) for almost a year until he tells me hes found someone new and i lost it.
    More because this person he met, was online and had never met in person and was 1000s of miles away in another country. Hed only been speaking to her for 3 weeks and it was already serious enough to tell me about!!

    Anyway i cut all contact with him even down to my friend dropping my son off to him. I would only see him when he dropped him back and we wouldnt speak.

    After a couple months i contacted him as we had concert tickets and i wanted to know what was happening to which he replied im still going ill give you your money back. After i said i wanted to go as id been excited to see this person in concert, to which basically replied why would i want to spend any time with someone like you prentending like its ok. I dont want to spend any time with you.

    So no contact again.
    Then last month he texts me to tell me hes going travelling for 5 weeks.
    Im pissed at that as he has a son!!! But said nothing and asked no questions except when are you back.

    Then 5 days before he goes he texts and says he taking our son to the cinema that weekend and did i want to come????

    Confused as hell, why would he want to randomly want to spend time with me after not wanting to be near me and after the last proper conversation we had where he said he didnt want to see me or be my friend (which to be fair i dont want to be his friend either)
    I told him i had plans and left it at that.

    He goes on his tavelling trip. I hear nothing for a week until he calls to speak to our son. I let him and i engage in no conversation with him other than hello and bye.

    The 2nd week he calls, my son asks is he home can he come over (hes only 4 doesnt understand time) to which he replies no but im coming home next week??? Almost 3 weeks early. I ask him why he says hes seen everything and wants to come home.
    He then says he wants to take our son away when he gets back for a week, joking i say only if your taking me haha. He then replies well if your paying i say no thought you could pay. He says we will discuss it when hes home??????

    Now hes texting me songs like we used to when we were together we both have a passion for music.

    Not every day but this is the most contact ive had with him in almost 5 months.

    So what i want to know is whats going on in his head??

    Is he just lonely or does he miss me??

    Sorry this was so long lol

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