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    Hi sir I have a question. So I have biggest crush in school we started texting each other since march and she knows that I want to talk to her but I’m still haven’t talk to her and I told my friends I have crush on her but they told me not to keep waiting her because its gonna be worst and sometimes I felt awkward because she always seeing me at school and I don’t know how to approach her because she always surrounding with her friends.. what should I do? Should I continue to make a move that I haven’t talk so long or move on… Sorry for my English Its not fluently. Thanks


    Hi William,

    You shouldn’t keep her waiting any longer. If you do, it may not be long before you see her with a new boyfriend at school.

    If you want to talk to her and her friends are always around, try approaching her friend group with some of your friends.

    Before approaching her group of friends, tell your guy friends to engage with the other girls so that you can isolate this particular girl that you like and talk to her on more of a one on one basis.

    As long as she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you can still make a move on her even if it has taken a long time for you to talk to her. However, the sooner you talk to her, the better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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