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    Last year my mothers friends brought their daughters to our cabin. Right off the bat this one daughter and I hit it off and she even said that weekend I would be a type of guy she would date. At the time she had a long distance relationship and I’m not the type of guy that is going to pursue a chick in a relationship. On and off in the past year we caught up with each other over text, and I quickly saw her for a drink on her birthday. I heard through my mom a few weeks ago that her and her bf broke up, so I thought I’d shoot her a text and catch up, and we went out for some drinks and to a club last week. We couldn’t stop talking and she opened up to me alot, we danced most the night away and then she left early out of no where. I’m pretty sure she had a good time, but I don’t wanna act desperate or get myself in a rebound with her. At this point since I showed her a fun time out, should I wait for her to text me and show that she is thinking of me and make my move. Or give it another few days and see if she is free to go out and do something?

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