What should I do different to get him to really notice me?

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    There is a guy that goes to the same beach house complex as me and I’ve liked him for as long as I can remember. Because of this, overtime I put him on a pedestal which is making it harder for me to really get to know him now. I’m going back to the beach house soon so what should I do differently? He seems to be more on the quiet side and I cannot tell if he’s shy or just doesn’t like me. In past years, there have been little things that led me to believe he was attracted to me, (I’d catch him looking sometimes, and when his brothers brought up my name to him they were teasing him) but It is so hard to tell. Last year he seemed a little more closed off than usual and didn’t really try hard to make conversation. He is also a little older than me and The other weird thing is that he is closer to my dad than me. They always talk about surfing or things they like. Because of these things, I often feel like a kid to this guy and maybe he sees me in this way too. What should I do differently this year to really open his eyes? Is he interested and just shy or does he not care at all? should I just move on? Sorry I know this is long but it would be so helpful if you can somehow answer even one of those questions. If you answer this on the video please spare the specific details with the beach house etc.


    Hey, I’ve had a similar experience with a lifelong family friend who is a little older than me as well, 2 years older. I’ve always liked him and he’s never really shown me any interest, he’s close with my brother and doesn’t talk to me that much but sometimes gives me little signs that he is interested. Last week I went on holiday with him and he did seem closed off and not that open cos that’s just really his personality. So I decided to be a bit different this holiday and just not focus on what he thinks of my and do my own thing, he comfortable just being myself. However, every night he would always text me and ask me questions until like 4 in the morning which he never used to do. On the last day of the holiday, we were texting again one night even though we never rlly talk in the day and things got a bit heated as he wanted to meet me by myself downstairs. It was at this point that I agreed and acted more into it because I got kinda the approval from him. When we met at like 3 in the morning, things happened very quickly and suddenly we were making out. Then after we spoke about it and he seemed to be opening up and complimented me lots. But then the next day we didn’t speak really. However he does text me. I think this guy is interested in you, it’s just they have a barrier and it can either go one of two ways – they openly flirt with you and let you know straight away that they’re interested. Or the more shy guys which I think this guy is, is that he’s rlly nervous to say anything or do anything because he doesn’t know your reaction. So he feels comfortable talking to your dad but maybe not to you because he feels intimidated and maybe also, with my guy too, that your a bit younger because the guy in my situation is going off the university so there isn’t rlly a chance I can be with him now. So to conclude, there’s nothing you can rlly do different to make him notice you, you just need to be yourself and try try try not to focus on what he thinks (I had a hard time with this) cos then if your comfortable, he Will be 🙂 hope everything goes good 👍

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