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    I’ve realized that he’s playing games with me. For example, not texting me for a few days, then acting all interested saying he wants to hang out all the time. Now he has hardly talked to me the past 3 weeks. He’s started to talk to me more these past couple of days but two days ago he posted on his snapchat a video of two girls in his house.

    Should I just ghost him or tell him how I’m feeling? I realized I’ve been chasing him, so I’ve started to act like him – take forever to reply, sometimes just don’t reply at all. I don’t want to lose him but it might be good for me to let go of him.

    In the past I’ve brought up how I feel he’s just keeping me around so we can hang out when it’s convienient for him. He told me to stop accusing him. I want to tell him how I’m feeling but I don’t know if that’s the best action here.


    Edit – I should add that I do not know his relationship to these girls and the video hurt me very bad. I cried for two days. He doesn’t know this.


    Hi Madison
    Im sorry youre going through a tough time. I read your story a few times and it seems like your gut is telling you theres something wrong here.
    Listen to your gut.
    It might hurt for a little while to let him go but you deserve someone who will adore you and not just come to you when its convenient for him.
    You should definetly get it off your chest and tell him exactly how you feel and who you are and what you expect from a guy, then walk away.
    If nothing else comes out of it at least you can walk away with dignity and respect for yourself.
    Just my opinion. Anyway good luck babes


    I just came out of a similar situation. I got my strength back. When he told me about the other woman I either had the choice to stay or leave and I choose to leave. I wanted more and needed more from him then the causal dating. Pack your shit and leave. Get outta there so you can get someone who loves you and someone who really deserves you. You don’t have to stick around for that. Your are better than that and you deserves so much better than that. You don’t deserve to be his puppet. Don’t Be afraid to let his ass go. You could be blocking your blessings by holding on to this man. Let him go!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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